March 2, 2016

All grins!
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  • At 3, this morning I heard Whitman opening up his door.  He had turned on the light in his bedroom and had two trains and a stuffed animal in his hands.  I intercepted him and sat with him in his room for a bit.  I rocked him for a good bit and then laid him down.  As I closed the door to his room, I heard him whimpering so I went back in.  I asked what was wrong and he said, "my birthday."  I promised him that we would sing to him in the morning and that seemed to appease him and of course, the first thing we did this morning was to sing to that baby.
  • Most of this morning's chores were accomplished yesterday so after breakfast the kids had some time to play on their kindles.  Whitman, who much be sick, said that he didn't want to play with his kindle and wanted to play upstairs.  I highly encouraged him and he did go up for a few minutes before we had to load up for Bible study.
  • Graham had snack today and he took enough cheese and cracker packages for 15 of his classmates.  He only thought there were 10 in his class but today only 4 kiddos were there.  But did he come home with 11 cracker packages?  Nope, he said that all had 3!  Gracious me.  I think we are going to have to do some nutritional training around here.
  • After Bible study, we went to Rock Creek to eat and play.  The kids were all eerily quiet-maybe because some of our buddies weren't there.  It was kind of nice-my boys were calm and Reagan and her little girl friends had fun playing without all our pesky boys bothering them.  
  • We then headed to Beebee's place.  It was a successful day there-Whitman only ran down the hall to hide on the couch once as compared to his normal 3 to 4 trips down there.  The kids told Beebee about their day but they were anxious for us to leave so we could fill up her birdfeeder as we left.  When we were walking to our car, we were delighted to see Nonna in the parking lot.  She was on her way to grab Beebee's laundry.
  • We had a few minutes at home and we pretty much did nothing until time to load back up for church.  We met Robby so we could drop the big kids off at church early for their pizza night.  Then we picked up a pizza for the little kids and then I ran in the grocery store and library.  We ate in the car and once at church, Keaton had to potty.  I took her in and then she began acting a bit funny.  I kept asking if she was going to be sick but she would just shrug her shoulders. 
  • I was holding a sleeping Whitman and tossed him to Robby and Keaton and I headed outside along with the car keys.  We sat there on the grass for a long time-Keaton played on my phone until I was convinced that she was fine.  By now, it was too late to go in to the church house so I decided we would walk around the building....we didn't make it!  Poor baby had to run to the grass!  But again after that she was fine and dandy.  (Sound asleep in my room right now.)
  • Robby stayed for a bit longer and then gathered Whitman, who was still sleeping, along with Campbell.  He came out to the car to drop them off and then went back inside to gather the others.  We ended up getting home about 30 minutes earlier-and it was kind of nice!  
  • The kids all showered (except for Keaton, who didn't want to and I wasn't going to push it, and for Whitman, who also was to interested in his kindle but happy so I didn't want to mess that up either.)  Then we watched about 10 minutes of the basketball game and put the crew to bed.  Hopefully, my Keaton will continue to sleep soundly and no one else will get this bug (Robby, Whitman or I) and no one will re-catch this little bug.  

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