March 28, 2016

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  • Everyone morning of spring break, at least one of my kids were awake by 7:20 but today, on the first day back to school, no one was awake until 7:45.  That would have really made me crazy if I had woken up at 6 like I should have but since I was in bed still at 7:45 it just was ironic!  We will do better tomorrow (I hope!)
  • We were able to start school at a decent time after our breakfast of fruit salad, boiled eggs and cereal.  I know that I have said this before but cereal is not the best Monday morning breakfast since somehow those pieces of cereal ends up all over this house.  I guess it is good that Monday is vacuuming day.
  • School went as well as could be expected.  I am now counting down the weeks/days/hours until our summer break.  The kids are all finished with their spelling books and we are just reviewing those so that does make the day a bit easier.  
  • For some reason, Whitman was in a mood today and made a mess of everything and everywhere he went.  He did do well pottying today and only had one accident.  Probably because my patience was gone and whenever he sat on the potty, my exact words were "pee pee or I will spank you."  Listen, it worked and I never had to spank the boy (for that not pottying at least!)
  • Lunch was at home and then we spent a good while cleaning up all of the messes Whitman made today.  He had dumped every box of toys in the boys room out today and I had just read an article about why toddlers dump things last night and I even thought to myself "boy, I am glad that Whitman doesn't do that."
  • The afternoon was spent with the kids watching tv some while I was busy around the house.  It did seem like the afternoon sped by because before I knew it, Robby was loading the girls up for soccer practice.  I brought the boys at 6:30 and took the girls home.  I was able to watch a bit of everyone's practice and thought things were going well.
  • Reagan said that she has one girl on her team that doesn't want to play at all.  I told her that she might have to play the whole game then and she said that would be great because she wants to play the entire time.  Graham said that he has 4 kids on his team that listen and 2 that do not listen.  Robby said that he has more than that on his team that do not listen.  Anderson seemed to enjoy his practice.  Robby did say that Keaton might be a bit timid during the game but at least she will stay on the field and I am already starting to encourage Campbell to play hard and expect to be in the entire game.  
  • I brought the girls home and dumped them in the shower and as soon as the boys walked in the door, I started taking their shirts off and shoving them in the shower too.  Layne was having her birthday down the road so we went to wish her happy birthday and eat some of her birthday cheesecake. 

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