March 16, 2016

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  • Bible study morning so we were up and quickly started on chores and breakfast-sounds so peaceful, doesn't it?  Ha!  Reagan was the hardest to wake up but Whitman is by far the most fun to see in the morning because he acts like you have just been sitting and waiting for him to come popping out of that room.  
  • We try to leave at the same time every Bible story morning but that time fluctuates a bit but no matter what time we seem to leave, we still arrive at about the same time.  My goal is to have the kids all dropped off and me in my pew in just enough time for me to sit down and check my phone for a few minutes before Bible study starts.
  • After Bible study, our small group met together at a room in the library.  The kids all ate and then played a few board games.  The enjoyed the time with their buddies but they were a bit bummed that we couldn't go to the park but we will have plenty more park days (actually just 5 more Bible study days this year)
  • We then drove to see Beebee and the kids were good but the most exciting thing was when Whitman ran out of the door, with hopes of running to the lobby to hide in the pillows, I sternly called his name and he came running back to me.  Could my naughty little baby be starting to listen to me?  Oh, hopefully!  When we left, he did run and get under those pillows and said "I just love this spot."
  • We were home for a bit this afternoon and the girls and I went through the boxes of shoes to check if there were any shoes for the summer and indeed there were a few so that was wonderful.  Then it was supper time followed by our evening at church.
  • Graham was very happy that he had earned over 100 bucks in his group, Anderson told us all about his group practicing Bible drill, Campbell and Keaton were very excited that they had eaten a popsicle on the playground, Whitman was just happy that we picked him up and Reagan told us all about the kids' choir singing on Mother's Day.
  • Once at home, everyone had a little snack and then it was bedtime.  Tonight when we tucked everyone in, Robby game a big speech about staying in bed and going to sleep because it was bedtime.  Everyone said they understood and not 10 minutes later, Keaton and Campbell both started screaming and crying.  They had been switching beds and ran right into each other.  I am pretty sure they will have be knots on their foreheads in the morning!  Oh, my, it took forever to calm them down but I can pretty much guarantee that they will stay in bed!

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