March 29, 2016

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  • When I went to wake up the girls this morning, Campbell and Reagan were snuggled up in the same bed.  I asked why and Reagan said that Campbell was scared and Campbell added that Reagan wouldn't let her go downstairs to our room.  We don't have monitors in the kids' rooms anymore so no telling what all happens up there during the night.
  • Today was Keaton's first day back at school after spring break.  She had laid out her clothes and when I saw them, I thought "well, not exactly what I would pick but she is only 4 for a little bit."  But when Reagan saw her she said that she needed to change and when Robby looked at my little pinkalicious he decided that she needed to change to.  I quickly found her a shirt and she was fine with her new look.
  • When her and Robby headed to school, the rest of us started on breakfast-muffins, fruit, eggs, yogurt-sounds pretty healthy but my, what a mess it made.  Then it was on to school today.  It went more smoothly today but not yet back to the calm we had before spring break.
  • Lunch and then the drama really started.  I passed out chores as always and somehow during the laundry folding, everything fell apart.  After staying on Whitman to potty all day long (we just have to work on the pooing because it ain't happening), I was tired and quickly had had enough.  I sent the kids to their rooms and finished the rest of their chores myself.
  • I was in no hurry at all because with the 4 bigs in their beds and Whitman watching a movie, the house was quiet and peaceful.  I probably should have taken a nap instead of cleaning the kitchen, folding the laundry, picking up pieces of train tracks and getting school ready for the next day.  I did finally get lonely and went upstairs to get my people-I did tell them that if they were not able to quickly and happily do he laundry, then I would just start doing it all myself...except if I am the one doing all of the laundry, then I will pick out all of the clothes that everyone wears.  The boys were fine with this idea but the girls were most definitely not!
  • The kids all had a fine afternoon-they all did seem very helpful (probably afraid I would send them back to their beds.)  At 5, we loaded up to go and meet Keaton and Robby.  He had picked Keaton up from Grannymom's house and met us at Mellow Mushroom.  We ate and ate some more and then walked to Kroger to find some bargains (not really, but we did have fun looking around.)
  • Then it was home to eat our peep cupcakes that we bought from the store.  I hadn't taken pictures of the kids today and went around taking their pictures while they ate.  I tried to get Whitman to look at me, I talked and bribed and got nothing.  Then Reagan walked by and hollered some nonsense phrase at him and he just grinned! That stinker!

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