March 26, 2016

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  • It was around 11 last night when we heard Graham calling us from upstairs.  He couldn't go to sleep.  I had him come downstairs for a few minutes and then tucked him in once again.  This time I did help him put his head on the other end of his bed-it does always work for his daddy.  
  • I thought this had worked until around midnight we laid down to go to sleep.  We heard someone slowly opening our bedroom door.  I crossed my fingers that it was just one of the kids and indeed it was that little thinker.  No telling what he was busy thinking about last night but it had kept him up for a little bit.  His head was wet with sweat so I am sure that he had been to sleep at least for a few minutes.  I made him a pallet beside our bed and within seconds I could tell that he was already asleep.  Robby whispered to me that even though he was still up at midnight, he would still be the first one up.  
  • And yes, as soon as my alarm rang he was sitting up asking my why I wasn't getting out of bed.  I told him that I planned on hitting snooze at least 2 more times before anyone got up.  So he laid back down but I could tell he was crazy antsy ready to wake up.  Anderson was downstairs pretty early and looked down at his brother and compassionate-lessly said "what is he doing in here?"
  • This morning everyone was up early because we were headed to pick up doughnuts and then Grannymom and Grandpa.  Robby had promised the kids doughnuts to end our spring break on a sweet note and they did not disappoint this morning.  Shipleys is really the favorite of all the Dennies and the chocolate filled is my absolute favorite (in case you ever need to bring me a little sweet treat.)
  • After picking up Grannymom and Gradnpa, we headed to Mt. Nebo state park.  We had never been there and wanted to check it out.  The drive wasn't too long and the kids stayed fairly distracted with the movie and a few snacks.  Our first stop was at an overlook and I made sure to hold on to Whitman since we were on the side of a cliff.  My poor Anderson could hardly enjoy the trail at Pinnacle mountain the other day because he was paranoid about Whitman falling down.  So I made sure to keep close to Whitman so Anderson could relax.
  • Next stop was the visitors center and we did a short little hike, well, we really just walked a tiny bit of the hike.  I would like to return and walk the Bench Trail but we didn't have time for a 4 mile trail today because the little girls had an Easter party to return home too. 
  • Before we headed back down the mountain, we let the kids play on a playground for a few minutes.  Then we traversed down the multiple switchbacks and ended up at Whataburger.  Robby went in to order our food and came back out with a huge box filled with hamburgers, fries and milkshakes.  This did make the drive home go much more smoothly!
  • Once at home, Keaton and Campbell changed their little clothes and we headed to Aiden and Ryan's Easter egg hunt.  This is at least the 4th year that we have been there and my girls acted so timid walking in but they quickly warmed up and were very happy to be running around.  The first activity was eating and the girls loved all of the cute Eastery food.  Then they played a pin the tail on a bunny game followed by the long awaited Easter egg hunt.
  • The kids all lined up and were ready to hunt eggs-I think I heard they had 250 eggs but they were gone in no time at all.  Campbell stayed by the house and picked her eggs out of the bushes.  Next up was a mandatory group picture and then my girls politely told their hosts thanks for inviting them.  
  • Back at the house, Grannymom had even showed up to help with a bit of last minute yard work.  They all worked on the soccer field some and Robby said that Graham and Reagan worked really hard.  Anderson was distracted by some neighbor kids over playing basketball but then did work pretty hard. Whitman had slept most of the time but did enjoy his time outside.
  • When we returned home, we stayed outside while Robby finished up.  I played ball with the kids and once, while I was trying to be like the kids, tackled Graham to get the ball.  I pushed him to the ground and then laid on top of him and then I heard him crying.  I started trying to get him up while asking what was wrong and apologizing at the same time-and then that boy started laughing.  So then I really knocked him down and tackled him and before we could get ourselves up, Whitman was laying on top of us and we were both hysterically laughing.
  • Once we all headed in, the kids took turns showering while helping with chores.  We cleaned this place up and were soon waiting on our food to arrive.  Robby had a gift card to Chef Shuttle and used it tonight so our food arrived from On the Border.  While we waited, Campbell and I made all of our food for tomorrow and put it in the fridge for Robby to cook when he comes home tomorrow.
  • Tonight I was in the restroom and Campbell came to the door and stared talking to me.  She said "you can keep doing your business, but why does it take grownups so long in there."  I said that it doesn't usually take me too long and she agreed and then asked "do you think that it takes Daddy so long because he trying to get away from us?"  I sat there thinking that I am not sure why hiding in the bathroom works for Robby but does not for me since I was sitting there talking to both little girls and no one ever seems to talk to Robby while he is in the bathroom.
  • Our food arrived and it was quickly gobbled up.  Then the kids waited at the table while we cleaned the table and the girls fingernails dried (I had to do some touch up work tonight.)  Then we dyed our Easter eggs.  On Reagan's first Easter, I kept her up so she could dye eggs after Robby returned home from participating in The Kingdom (click here for those pictures)  It was just about as late tonight when we were dyeing our eggs this year.
  • Reagan could spend forever on her eggs and Campbell and Graham are close behind her.  Keaton and Anderson were quickly finished and so was Whitman.  I am sure that his Sunday school teachers will know exactly what he did tonight since his hands are bright blue.  I guess it is better than his mouth being bright blue-before we started on the eggs, he did put one of those egg drying tablets into his mouth but he quickly spit it out as Robby and I were hollering at him.  
  • After the eggs were dry, we put Whitman in bed and headed upstairs.  Tonight we did our Resurrection Eggs and I had the kids each look up a verse and read it before opening up the eggs.  This was a bit different than usual so they enjoyed it.  Then it was finally bedtime for my crew and time for us to clean the kitchen and stuff Easter baskets.

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