March 20, 2016

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  • This is at least the second Sunday in a row that I have set my alarm at the perfect time but it did not go off.  When looking I have realized that the time was set to go off on weekdays only.  Good thing we have 6 kids as our back alarm clocks but 3 of those back up alarms wouldn't have been any good today.  The girls were all sound asleep when I went up there to wake them up.  
  • Campbell and Keaton have started sleeping on top of their covers so they will not mess up there made bed.  That is fine with us as long as they stay warm and they were still all snuggled up this morning underneath their little blankets.  
  • Everyone put on their clothes and then had leftovers from yesterday for breakfast-cinnamon rolls from yesterday's breakfast and biscuits from yesterday's supper.  By the time that I made it to the kitchen, the leftovers were gone and I was without breakfast.
  • Church this morning was wonderful (as usual) and even though I was concerned about this week being our first week with the combined 11:00 3rd graders, it was a breeze since there were only 6 kiddos there.  
  • Grannymom had chickfila for lunch and parfaits so that was definitely a hit with the kids.  They were able to play for a bit before we headed home for haircuts.  Robby cut Anderson and Graham's hair and then I helped Robby cut his.  Now everyone has their hair cut for their first soccer practice tomorrow.  
  • After the hairs were all cut, I laid down with my boots still on and took myself a wonderful nap.  It was only about 45 minutes but the best sleep ever!  The kids had a snack and just as soon as their snack was picked up, it was time to run around and go back to church
  • I had a meeting at 4:45 so we all went at that time-Robby dropped me off at the church house and then they all went to Hardees to grab a bite to eat before church.  The service tonight was a bit shorter than usual which gave the kids plenty of time to enjoy their ice cream before bed. 

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