March 18, 2016

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  • March Madness seems to be all around us and this morning it was even happening above our heads.  The boys must have been in the final four because they were playing a rowdy game of basketball in their room.  It was loud enough that Robby even left the bed to tell them to take a time out.  
  • I made muffins again this Friday morning and just as the kids had asked, I made sure that there were more this time than last time and they were all still eaten.  Whitman though did not like the outside of the muffin so he crumbled his to pieces and then ate it causing a huge, huge mess.
  • None of the kids had to do spelling today so that did make me happy since it shortened our work together time.  At the first of the year, I had scheduled each kid an hour to work with me and most of the time we finished quite early so we moved up our everyone work together time (science, history) to before lunch.  But I am already thinking about next year and Reagan will lose one thing that we do together but will start something else, which I think will be harder and Anderson will add something as well.  This makes me stress that school next year will last forever...can you tell that I need spring break to start?
  • And it has.  Pops picked up Graham today at 11:15 and that pretty much was the end of school here.  After that it was just chores and eating.  Graham has done about that too-except for the chores part.  I believe the he went to see Beebee, ran some errands, went to Chuck E Cheese to play, out to eat and then back to Nonna's house to watch basketball.
  • This afternoon we didn't do a whole lot here-Anderson played the xbox, the girls watched a movie and then made a few bracelets, Whitman just pottied....everywhere in this house!  A little after Robby came home, the kids all ended up outside.  They were outside for a bit and when everyone finally came inside, Whitman realized what was happening and started crying "but we were having fun."
  • Robby whipped up some supper and as soon as he had finished with supper, we made some St. Patties Day cookies.  We were just a bit late on those cookies but they were delicious none the less.  The kids played some before bed and then at bedtime my Anderson asked to sleep in the girls' room.  He said that he just wanted to see what it felt like to sleep in there.  Robby told him that he knew since he had slept in there for 3 years but I think he might be a bit spooked without his brother with him.

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