March 17, 2016-Happy St. Patrick's Day

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  • I really wanted to wake up early and serve my treadmill time this morning but when I reached to touch my alarm, I knew that sleep was so much more important.  Oh, well there is always tomorrow!
  • Keaton, Anderson and Robby left for school and to pick up a truck this morning.  Robby had a few errands to run as well so when we finally returned home, he had lots of school to do.  Here at the house, we did school just as fast as we could because when Robby did pull back in the driveway, I was already sitting in my car about to pull out.
  • I had to get myself to Keaton's school for her Easter party.  When I arrived, parents were already hiding eggs so I jumped right in and helped.  Then Keaton's class had cupcakes and painted a bunny.  And finally, it was time for the Easter egg hunt. 
  • At school, the eggs have to be empty and all solid colors so there will be no tears.  Keaton was still happy to find her 10 eggs and afterwards there were a few games to play and my Keaton was the cutest thing ever!  She is just the happiest thing ever during her class parties.
  • After her party, we came home and I quickly checked the big pile of work that everyone had finished while I had been away.  Then I refilled the kids boxes for tomorrow and by that time, everyone was starving.  I quickly made lunch and we all ate.
  • When lunch was finished, we picked up and the kids had some free time.  Around 3, we loaded up and left to see Ms. Tammy.  I had my hair appointment today and so did Keaton.  This was her very first hair cut.  Tammy couldn't believe it and of course, my Keaton sat there like she had gotten her hair cut a zillion times.  
  • Next up was a quick stop at Walmart to pick up a few items-Anderson was on cloud nine because he found some Razorback flip flops.  I had told the kids that I would buy them flip flips but they had to cost under a certain amount-and his did!  
  • Once at home, the kids played outside some until Jason arrived followed by Robby and the moving truck.  We have been given a beautiful (and huge) piano.  Robby, Todd, Jason and Tony moved the piano into our house and had it placed within minutes of driving up.  (They are now hiring out to be professional movers.)
  • Nonna and Pops arrived at about the same time with supper so we all ate, moved furniture around, cleaned up and ate some more.  Anderson did leave with Tony to go to the batting cages which he loved and Graham left with Robby to take the truck back.  
  • I did have to put my little girls to bed early tonight because of their antics last night so that led to much weep and wailing but all was well by the time we tucked them and everyone else into bed.  Today was a big day here-Easter party, new piano, batting cages, pizza, St. Patties day-my kids must be tired because we certainly are.

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