March 3, 2016

Soccer Evaluations!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • Tara is out tonight probably eating good food and desserts while I'm blogging... so not sure I'll capture it so eloquently as she does.
  • If you read yesterday's blog, you will know Keaton's stomach was not doing too well and Whitman was quite tired last night (possibly from no longer taking a nap).  Well, about midnight last night he was crying out a bit and holding his ears.  Though no fever or snottiness, we thought we better make a dr. appointment even if we were wrong.
  • So Tara called the clinic right at 8:00 this morning and was able to get a 10:50 appointment for Whitman.
  • Meanwhile, Keaton woke up feeling just great but no school for her today per the mandatory 24 hour waiting period.  But the others had to get busy with their school since Tara would be leaving for the doctor soon.  That meant breakfast at the school desks and lots of quick work!
  • Tara and Whitman headed off to the doctor and the others finished up their school and chores and then started Kindle time a bit early waiting on their return.
  • Our suspicions were right - Whitman had an ear infection so off they went to Sam's for medicine and few groceries.  After they got home, everyone had lunch and then Tara finished up some school work with Campbell.  The others had movie/Xbox/Kindle time.
  • Soccer evaluations were this evening so that meant 5 Dennie kids' evaluations.  They made their way around to the 6 stations while Robby helped run one of the stations.  The kids finished and that meant Tara had a bit of time to run to gather up some Easter goodies while I finished up. The big 5 didn't mind - they had a big time playing at Raymar and trying not to fall into the stream. (Fortunately, no one fell in and only Campbell got her feet wet.)
  • Tara headed off to class meeting and the rest of us headed home.  My heart wanted to head to the near drive thru but my pocketbook dictated otherwise. But it worked out well or the kids were just hungry, hungry.  Chicken and mashed potatoes and they ate all of it. Anderson and Reagan discovered bbq sauce for the mashed potatoes so they had 2 big helpings.
  • Showers, supper and then Reagan convinced me to let them watch a movie even though it was already 7:30. So that means it's 9:30 and were all still up watching a movie. (Well, Whitman headed to bed a little before 9:00 after his two sugar cookies!)

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