March 15, 2016

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  • Just to clear the air-I did heat up a pie last night to celebrate PI day and I did eat every single bit of that.  It was a little pie but a pie nonetheless.  But I did run three miles today in 31 minutes today so if we would have gotten the kids to bed earlier tonight, I would have indeed eaten another pie (had we had one!)
  • We did wake up earlier this morning than we have lately but still had to rush around to get breakfast in Keaton before she left for school.  Everyone had picked out their own little yogurts for today's breakfast (instead of our normal big ones) but Keaton and Reagan hardly touched theirs.  That just made me sad-most food I can finish off of the kids plates but yogurt is just not one of them.  I did have my own yogurt for lunch-it was a free one so I picked the best flavor-lemon and zucchini.  Surprisingly, it was pretty good.  So good in fact that Whitman ate most of it with me.
  • Robby took Keaton to school and the rest of us started on school here.  We all survived but some day I am going to take pictures every 20 minutes of each room in the house during the school day just so you can see the complete mess that the entire house becomes during school.  The kids finished their school work and all ended up scrunched in the hallway working on some toy.  A trillion square feet in this house and they all congregated in one tiny area.
  • Lunch was just a bunch of leftovers and then we did a few chores before the kids made an Easter egg hunt for themselves.  Graham used all of his candy to stuff the eggs and you would not believe the excitement that ensued with finding eggs in the garage.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham made sure that Campbell and Whitman had their share of eggs and surprisingly everyone ended up happy.
  • This afternoon I kicked the kids out of the house to go and play outside.  They were not too pleased about being out there-it was hot, there were bugs, they were thirsty, it was windy-I told them that their daddy could probably get their soccer money back but they said that soccer was different.  We did play a game of kickball and Campbell, Whitman and I blew bubbles until I thought that I was going to pass out.
  • Robby text when he and Keaton were headed home and I rushed everyone in for showers before supper.  Reagan was getting into the shower when I heard her scream, "Mom, Whitman poured a box of cereal in your bed."  I thought that surely she was mistaken but nope.  I walked in and I do believe that these were my exact word "Boy, I am going to spank you...but let me get my camera first!"  We eventually had mexican for supper after cleaning up Whitman's mess-chicken quesadillas, rice, beans and cheese dip.
  • After cleaning up, we watched a movie and I know that Field of Dreams is a classic but goodness, it sure was a weird one.  I had as many questions as the kids did at the end of it.  Once we put the kids to bed, I stuffed some Easter eggs for next week and then we watched a Fixer Upper-without a pie!

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