March 21, 2016

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  • First day of Spring break and that does make me very happy.  As I was laying in bed this morning, I thought about real teachers and they are away from their students during spring break but mine are still right here with me every single minute-I wouldn't change it for anything though (most of the time.)
  • The boys were up early and had a war with their army and pirate men.  Campbell was also up early and she just bounced between our room and the boys' room (they wouldn't let her play).  Whitman was up soon and the first thing he said was "bear is soaky" and indeed his little bear and his pajamas were soaking wet. 
  • We were inside for a bit this morning and I quickly made a birthday cookie for Whitman's birthday party tomorrow and the kids helped me with a few chores before we all headed outside.  Around 10, we all went outside to begin our yard day.
  • We did absolutely no raking this fall and are having to play catch up right now.  We were able to rake the front yard along with all of the leaves up to the tree house so that was wonderful.  Right after lunch Grannymom and Cash came over to help.  
  • Cash is a hard worker and his work ethic rubbed off a bit on my Anderson and he worked harder than usual.  Reagan and Graham also worked hard trying to keep up with Cash.  Campbell, bless her, gracious me, she just isn't much of a worker but I am sure that my parents would agree that I probably was not either as a child.  Keaton would work as hard as she could was probably worn completely out.  And Whitman probably walked a zillion steps-he would follow us down to "the forest" and then back up the hill time and time again.  
  • We finished around 3 and then kids, Grannymom and I played a short game of kickball.  After the game, my kiddos came into rest until soccer practice.  My Keaton had her very first soccer practice and her coach said that she did great.  Campbell did everything that she was asked so that is a win and Reagan was down the hill practicing with her crew.  Robby had brought the girls and I stayed home with the boys for a bit.
  • Then I took Whitman to Nonna's house and then dropped off the boys at practice and then brought the girls home.  My main goal tonight was to finish Whitman's birthday cookie and I was able to do that in the time that I had home before the boys arrived back home with Robby.  I rotated the girls thought the shower while I worked on the cookie and when I had just finished, Robby and the boys came in.  
  • The boys had their showers and then it was bedtime!  I know that everyone was very, very tired tonight.

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