March 27, 2016

Happy Easter!
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  • At 7:02, a chorus of 5 voiced walked into our bedroom and not so quietly proclaimed "Happy Easter!" They then all laid down on our bed (we really need a king size bed) and we held them off from their Easter baskets for about 6 more minutes.
  • Robby did go and wake up poor sleeping Whitman so he could be in on the Easter basket action.  Then we passed out the much anticipated baskets.  Now, growing up we didn't get an Easter basket but did have a chocolate Easter bunny and candy at our spot in the kitchen but somehow my kiddos have ended up with baskets (same thing with Christmas stockings-I didn't have them growing up and turned out just fine but for some reason I started doing them with the kids.)
  • My kids were so excited about their baskets and tore through them.  Here is the rundown of what was in the Dennie Easter baskets: a light up bouncy balls that the girls found and asked me to put in, chocolate Easter bunnies, a bottle of orange juice, 4 tiny coke cans that had Avenger characters on them, a honey bun (Robby said that it was the knock off version of a honey bun and not the real thing.), new socks and the most exciting Easter basket item was new underwear for everyone.  
  • The kids all ate their honey bun and drank their oj for breakfast and then we all donned our Easter clothes.  Robby took the mandatory Easter picture on our bench and the kiddos looked pretty cute.  We then flew out of the house in two different cars to make it to church on time.
  • Reagan had to help lead music in Sunday school so her and Robby were in the first car.  My car left a few minutes later after a quick clean of downstairs.  At church I was immediately shocked at the cars there-I believe that all of the regulars heeded the preachers urging and parked in the back because it was crazy back there.  We did find spots near each other and Robby helped us in the building.
  • Once inside, we made the grandparent rounds and then found some seats way, way up front.  Like we were so close that if Dave would have spit, it would have gotten in our eyes.  But thankfully we stayed dry and enjoyed the wonderful Easter service. Then it was on to Sunday school.
  • Robby headed home to get things ready at home for Easter lunch and in our class, Amber asked the kids what their favorite Easter candy is or what one thing they had in their Easter basket.  Anderson quickly told about his chocolate bunny but then when I added that everyone in my house had socks and underwear in their baskets, the boy turned bright red. 
  • After Sunday school, I collected my kids and fought the traffic in the parking lot and made it home just before Dana and her crew arrived.  We then had our Easter lunch-ham, fruit salads, deviled eggs, squash, green bean and corn casseroles, potatoes and rolls.  The meal was topped off with two different bunny cakes and a carrot cake.  
  • The kids were not to impatient and quietly waited as we "hid" the eggs-the yard is big but hiding a few hundred eggs really just involves dropping them carefully around the entire yard. When it was time to take off, the kids scattered and all went different directions.  I stayed with Whitman-redirecting him to pick up more eggs but every time Anderson and Cash would run by, they would throw a few eggs in his basket.  
  • When all of the eggs were picked up, we headed in for the kids to open and see the loot they had collected.  After stuffing the eggs with 3 bags of candy and barely making a dent in the eggs, I started putting in stickers, hair rubber bands, erasers and finally money and everyone ended up with 4-7 dollars when it was all said and done.  That is a lot of eggs to collect when their were only 5 with dollar bills and the rest had change (2 cents to 25 cents).
  • After egg hunting, Pops and Nonna ran out to see Beebee and everyone else stayed for a bit.  When they all left, Pops and Nonna came back and picked up their dishes and then headed home.  Keaton and Campbell were still playing outside so I watched them until they came in-and yes, Keaton was still wearing her Easter dress and her new pantyhose and even though we had seen her up in the tree house and carrying dirt around, her pantyhose survived and her dress was just a bit dusty.  I did finally make her change clothes and she put on all pink-such a diva.
  • Robby and I took a nap and then we started on supper, showers and then snacks for the kids.  Supper was kind of light because we were still full from lunch but their snack was our regular Sunday ice cream.  After eating their ice cream, it was bedtime for all of my Dennies.

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