October 11, 2016

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  • This morning the girls were the first ones up-I think my little girls were pretty excited about our company today. But the first thing that we had to do was to get Keaton and Whitman to school. We had pancakes and waffles for breakfast and then it was off to school.
  • Robby says that Keaton and Whitman are pretty easy to drop off since they are both anxious to go in their class. They also took an apple to their teacher today. 
  • Whitman came home with a picture of himself and all of his family glued on a piece of paper. I had already hung it up tonight when Reagan noticed that she was not on the paper. There were 8 people but 'Daddy' had been written twice. Since we know Ms. Jennifer and she is Reagan's teacher on Wednesdays, we took a picture of Reagan sadly holding Whitman's picture. Jennifer wrote and said that she didn't notice but she did feel sorry for him since he had so many people to glue on his family picture.
  • At 9 this morning, the Heltz all came over for the day. The kids immediately started playing. Charlotte and Graham spent a bit of time playing hide and seek. Anderson and Caroline built lego spaceships. Campbell spent her time closely watching Michael and of course, Reagan and Alyssa Kate were together.
  • Before I knew it, it was time to go and pick up Keaton and Whitman. We all piled in the van and headed to church. After picking them up, we stopped at the grassy playground at church for a bit and then on to pick up pizza for lunch.
  • I fed all 10 kids and was shocked that after handing them each two cookies for a brand new package of cookies, there was only 1 left over for me. I quickly made some banana bread and then it was time for Michael's nap. Once he laid down, the others went outside and they painted watermelons from Nonna's neighbor.
  • The kids spent most of the afternoon playing inside and playing outside. They ate about 4 dozen popsicles. Candice picked up her crew a bit after 4 and then my people did some picking up. 
  • The boys did get to go down the road to the neighbor's church to ride bikes for a bit while their dad changed his oil. The girls stayed home and did some chores, had showers and ate supper while they were gone. Once the boys made it home, they had their showers and supper.
  • The kids had time to watch a movie or two while Robby and I did some cleaning. Then it was bedtime for the crew-tomorrow is Bible study day so they all need their beauty rest.

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