October 18, 2016

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  • Once again we stayed up too late to watch more show, so we were slow to get around again this morning.  But Robby, Keaton and Whitman still made it off in time to get to school. Today was Whitman's day to take snacks so he was excited to load them in the car.
  • Meanwhile, the rests of got started with school.  I was determined that Graham would finish school sooner than he did yesterday which took ALL day.  He was a bit quicker today but still think they could be a bit more motivated to finish.
  • Lunch was clean out the fridge day so some folks had left over tortellini while others opted for cheese and crackers.
  • Nonna was over after lunch - we were on a mission.  Thanks to Aunt Sonja, Hank brought a car load of clothes on his trip in from Arizona.  I think there were at least 10 huge bags of clothes to go through, sort, try on and put up in bins.  It took most of the afternoon but we felt accomplish.  In between sorting, Pops and Hank stopped by to say hello and check on our progress.
  • As soon as we finished, we picked up and headed over to Grannymom and Grandpa's where Keaton and Whitman had a BIG day.  Keaton had decided on her recent birthday that this was the year to get her ears pierced.  And that she did with Grannymom's help today.  They said she was a champ and no tears were shed as each ear was pierced. She was quite proud of her new earrings and to show them.  Robby met us there as he was working to set up a new printer for Grandpa.  I left them all there to run some errands and to get a flu shot (it took two stops to get that accomplished but at the 2nd stop and 20 minutes to enter my info into the computer, I was able to check that off the list).
  • My reward - a night out with the home school moms for dinner at Pei Wei.  The plan was to have a Girls' Night Out at Jodee's but she's under the weather but the rest of decided we still needed a night out.
  • Robby and the kids the computer work, stopped by Wendy's and then made their way home for a few tv shows before calling it a night.
  • Not many pictures today but Robby did post a couple the church took a couple of weeks ago for First Grade Bible Presentation Night.

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