October 14, 2016

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  • It was raining and thundering this morning and I wasn't about to get out of bed before I had to. It sure didn't help when Whitman and Keaton climbed in bed with us. We did finally get out of bed and I served the kids banana muffins and yogurt for breakfast. (Reagan wasn't happy about those choices even though she had a muffin the day before and liked it.)
  • Once breakfast was over, we started on school. Friday is the only day that Keaton and Whitman are here during the day so things are always a bit crazy. Keaton was pretty good and spent her time trying to make her brother happy. Whitman spent most of his morning sitting in my lap fussing. Not really sure if it was just being out of a routine, maybe he is still sickly or maybe he is just spoiled! Either way, it did make for a bit of a long morning.
  • Everyone did finish their school work and we had grilled cheese for lunch. Keaton hurried to pack her bags so she could go and spent he night with Nonna and Pops. She ended up playing games at Chuck E Cheese, eating out and walking around a store to look at some toys. 
  • The boys and Campbell played outside some this afternoon with the neighbors. Reagan worked on her report for next week and I am not really sure what all I did. Currently, I can't remember anything about the afternoon-wait, it is coming back to me. I spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen.
  • When the soup was ready, we loaded up and dropped off supper at the McGuires house (Amber had some dental surgery) and then we headed off to eat at Pie 5. We ate our pizzas and then came home for a big Friday night of Lego sorting. We cleaned up the lego nook which took quite a while. Whitman took a shower while we worked and then Robby made cookies to celebrate our grand accomplishment (seriously, the legos were out of control.)
  • After cookies, the kids headed to bed-I am sure that they will be up early tomorrow because it is a big day-Reagan's birthday party.

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