October 19, 2016

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  • We did manage to empty the trash cans and clean the potties, which is our normal Wednesday chores, this morning. The kids had their breakfast and I was able to heat up a bagel before climbing in the car.
  • I helped in the babies class this morning. It was an easy gig-4 babies. One of those left early and then 2 of the 3 fell asleep. I know that I have mentioned it before but my kids Bible study teachers are so wonderful. They really love my kids.
  • As we were leaving Bible study, the kids asked what we were going to do next Wednesday since we weren't going to have Bible study. Since I hadn't been in my class today, I had not heard this but my reaction was something like this, "wait, what? whoop! whoop!"
  • It was a bit hot outside so we took the crew to Rock Creek. They always enjoy it-even though it is a bit noisy. We had our lunch there and after everyone played for a good while we headed home.
  • Once at home, we did laundry first. Then we worked on our reports for Friday. Then the kids helped me pack Whitman's party favors for tomorrow's fall party. Next, we all worked on packing our shoeboxes for the Operation Christmas Child. 
  • After that, everyone flew out of the house to play outside. They kids love playing with the neighbors and I enjoy them being outside for a bit. I should have used this time to do something productive but Wednesdays just wear me out so I did pretty much nothing except make a list of what I should do.
  • We had to shower the kids before church tonight and after a quick bite to eat, I headed that way. Traffic was crazy but we made it on time. Things were going fine until child 6 pooped in his pants. He was brought to me (even though he had on a pull up). I guess when you are 3, your poo is nastier than when you are two, who knew? I changed him and sent him back on to class. I was none too pleased about all of this.
  • After church was over, we headed to the Wilson's house for some ice cream. This did make my evening a bit better-ice cream always helps. The kids played some and Whitman eventually fell asleep on their ottoman. He looked so cute sleeping soundly in the middle of the ice cream chaos. (I'll still love that boy even if he poops in his pants when he is 7)
  • Once we made it home, the kids quietly changed their clothes and headed to bed. Everyone was pretty tired and we never heard a peep from the crew.

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