October 25, 2016

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  • School morning for Whitman and Keaton. This morning the menu was pop tarts so that made it easy to get everyone stirring. Whitman did become very upset when he realized that I didn't sent Keaton any milk in the car like I gave him (she didn't want anymore.) 
  • I tell you, every day that he does good at school is such a relief to me. When I look at the clock and it is after 11:30 and I haven't heard from Jennifer then I am a happy girl. I am not sure how he does it but he is keeping his undies clean during school (not so much at Grannymom's house or my house.)
  • We had school this morning and the big discussion was how many Bible study lessons to do this week since there is no Bible study tomorrow (yippee) but instead we are filling our spare time with Beebee's funeral. The plan as it stands right now is take Whitman into the service-ha! We are just living on the edge!
  • After school today, we worked on our chores and had grilled cheese for lunch. It was a good thing that Robby was spending his lunch break buying our groceries because we were out of bread and out of cheese so that made cooking grilled cheese sandwiches a bit challenging but we did manage.
  • The kids ended up outside pretty early this afternoon. They spent a lot of time going inside and outside. The boys are really into making lego movies and Graham and Anderson made pretty much the exact same movie today without even seeing each others-they did borrow their idea from the neighbor boy so that is the reason that theirs was the same.
  • When Robby came home with Keaton and Whitman, we loaded up and headed to Pops' house to eat supper. Some family was in from out of state so BBQ was on the menu. Poor Hank, since he has been in town the last week and a half, I know of at least 5 times that they have eaten BBQ. There was some pretty yummy cheesy corn that I am going to look for the recipe for.
  • When we came home, everyone had showers and then they had a chance to watch one movie before bedtime. I wasn't thinking or I would have taken Keaton upstairs to start going through her clothes-she can not wait for me to switch over her clothes to her winter clothes.

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