October 2, 2016

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  • Sunday morning and my boys were the first ones up. They quietly came into our room to dress and then on they crept to the living room to play their ipads before it was officially breakfast and leave time.
  • The girls weren't too far behind them and Reagan, as usual, was our last one downstairs but she wasn't the last one ready so that was a bit different than usual. Robby had already put the cinnamon rolls in the oven and soon he was dishing them out as I was finishing getting ready myself.
  • At church, Robby had a meeting for the Lord's Supper while we went around and saw all of the grands and a few little old ladies. Then it was on to Sunday school for the crew-my 3rd graders did well today which made me happy (teaching a room full of kiddos is tough). 
  • On to big church after that and since this was Lord's Supper day, Robby didn't sit by us which means I was with my 5 bigs during church. They all did very well, much better than our last Lord's supper which I recall as being close to disastrous. No grape juice splattered on our neighbors nor did anyone get choked on a cracker. Graham did slurp his grape juice loud enough that the front row probably heard!
  • At lunch, we celebrated Robby's birthday-I was sick during his birthday and when we were going to celebrate but we made up for it today at Grannymom's house. She had taco salad and oreo delight. He opened a gift card, a new waffle maker and a new griddle (yes, we have a waffle maker and griddle but we are coming to realize that our size family needs more than one waffle cooking at a time and more than just a few pancakes sizzling at a time.)
  • At home this afternoon, Campbell and Keaton had earned a nap for their behavior in the car. Whitman also earned a nap because he is 3 and Reagan was the only one who stayed awake. Now, Whitman did stay awake for a while and came downstairs three times-the last time Robby just put him in bed with us and soon he was sound asleep with his head in my back (Whitman's head-not Robby's.)
  • Then tonight we all headed back to church for First Grade Bible Presentation. Campbell was getting her Bible tonight and she had told me earlier that she had waited for this day for forever! It was well worth it and she was very proud of her new Bible.
  • After the presentation, they had a little celebration with cookies and popcorn. Then we moved on to the playground and played with the Stattons and Kamps until it was way too dark to see anymore. Once at home, the boys showered and everyone had a bit of supper before heading to bed. Hopefully, this week will be a calm predictable week!

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