October 20, 2016

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  • Thursday morning as I was heading upstairs to wake Keaton up for school, I ran into Graham who was just waking up himself. I helped Keaton find her clothes and then we went to wake Whitman up. I was able to get them ready and start on their breakfast along with everyone else's breakfast. The goal on school mornings is to get Whitman and Keaton out of the door semi on time.
  • Once they left, everyone else started on school this morning and things went pretty well. I was zooming through working together with each kid because I had to leave a bit after 10. Today was Fall party day at the school for Keaton and Whitman.
  • I made it in plenty of time and went to Keaton's room first. They were getting ready for their cupcakes and I helped pass them out. After watching Keaton eat some, I went to Whitman's class and they were already eating their cupcakes. He was so happy to see me-this was my first time to see him in class and was surprised that he was pretty good.
  • I saw Keaton's class run a relay race and then bounced back to Whitman's class for some games. As they were passing out goodie bags to him, he came up to me and asked "Momma, is this my birthday?" I told him it was and wished him "Happy Birthday."
  • When we were in the car, Keaton was quick to dig through her goodie bags and find some snacks for her on the way home. She was so cute at her party and wanted to make sure that I took a picture of her and Harper.
  • I was telling them about the rest of the day and Keaton asked why we were going to Grannymom's house and I replied that we were going to work on Graham's Halloween costume. Whitman then piped in "and because it is a fun place to go."
  • Back at home, I finished checking and putting away school. Then we had our lunch and worked on chores for a bit. The kids even had a bit of time to play on their ipads before we loaded up for Grannymom's house.
  • Once there, we went right to work on Graham's jedi robe. We thought we were doing great but did make it a bit too small. Thankfully, Grannymom knew what she was doing and added a few pieces so now it looked pretty perfect-or will, once she has finished. I think that he was pretty excited about it.
  • We came home just about the time that Robby was getting ready to leave. Tony picked up Robby and dropped off Shannon and Layne. The kids had been outside playing with their neighbors and stayed outside until 7ish. We went ahead and ate our supper-yes, 2 suppers since we had two choices: taco soup and mexican lasagna.
  • As the kids trickled in, they showered before I would let them eat and all came to the kitchen pretty hungry. We had some ice cream and then they watched movies as Shannon and I chatted until the men folk came home. 
  • At bedtime tonight, Campbell was probably my tiredest kid tonight and was almost asleep as we made the rounds kissing everyone.

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