October 27, 2016

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  • I woke up this morning a bit mad at myself because each Thursday morning I have to scurry around here helping Keaton pick out what she is going to take for show and tell. I remembered all of the acorns on the back patio and suggested that to her as I woke her up. Her reply was no and I tried to start thinking of anything else that started with the letter A which is the letter of the week. Thankfully, she was quick to suggest bringing an airplane. As I grabbed Whitman out of bed, I set out a few airplanes for her to pick from.
  • Soon enough, my 2 littles were dressed, fed and in Robby's car with an airplane for Keaton to take. He dropped them off while the rest of us worked on school. Things went fairly well this morning and school seemed to fly by.
  • It did help that Reagan and I left at 11 to run by the library and then to go and pick up Whitman and Keaton. They were so cute coming out of school and as always, I was pretty pleased to see him wearing the same pair of shorts that I sent him to school in. 
  • Back at home, we had lunch and then the kids helped me pick up their bedrooms and then we kicked them outside until after 5. We probably wouldn't have made them stay out that long but the neighbors were out and no one really asked to come in. It probably did help that they ate about 100 popsicles today.
  • While they were out playing, Robby and I were inside working. I had bunko to get ready for. Most of my food I had already made so that made things easy but still managed to work all afternoon long.
  • It was after 5, when we started showering the kids. They left and spent the evening at Burger King, Krispy Kreme and Grannymom's house. They had a big time and were out pretty late. My bunko girls and I had a big time too and they stayed pretty late. 
  • I will have lots of leftovers-potato and corn chowder, sausage cornbread, apple pecan salad, coffee cake and apple cake. When the kids came home, Keaton and Campbell were the only ones who came in to tell me goodnight. Whitman was already asleep and my other babies must just be too big to hug their mamma now! :)

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