October 31, 2016-Happy Halloween!

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  • I had to wake up my Whitman and Keaton to get them ready for the day. They were pretty exhausted this morning and it will only be worse in the morning. Keaton usually wakes up well and is pretty quick about getting ready but Whitman is as slow as Christmas until you start mentioning breakfast. 
  • Once they left for school, work and Nonna's house, the rest of us started on school. Things seemed to be going fine until I realized that Campbell and Anderson had spent most time fooling around than actually doing their school work. Nothing drives me crazier than that-it isn't even like their work is hard, they just prefer to throw glitter on each other or hide from each other.
  • We did our science and history today and then I sat down and had my lunch while Graham and Reagan did their chores (some days Graham is in the 'fooling around' category but not today) and Anderson and Campbell (the 'fooling around' ones) worked on their school. Then they all had lunch before we all started on our chores.
  • I have started working on Anderson and Graham's clothes switch over. This is probably the latest I have ever done it-November and it is still hot outside. The boys were a bit of help but they aren't as much as trying on clothes as the girls are. It is just a bit easier for me to put all of their clothes in their drawer and just make them change when they put on something too big or too small.
  • Graham said that he ran 2 miles on the treadmill this afternoon and I think that he is probably telling something close to the truth since he was upstairs for quite a while. Campbell did a half mile and I had to wait patiently during all of this before I could get on that treadmill and struggle through my 2 miles.
  • Soon it was time for load up and head out for the evening. Our first stop was Sonic for corndogs and fries. We had some pretzels for some along with an oatmeal cream pie and drink for everyone. Then we headed to our main trick or treating spot. We parked and then everyone had to put on their costumes. Tonight we started our real trick or treating before seeing the grands so it was much brighter out when we started.
  • We walked up and down a few streets and soon it was getting dark. The kids so enjoyed trick or treating but by far, Whitman loved it more than anyone else. He talked the entire evening long: "Halloween is my favorite holiday. Trick or treat. I want to do more trick or treat. My bucket is filling up. Thank you mister." and on and on he went. He used a weeks worth of words in just a few hours tonight.
  • When we made it to the Browns, the kids were tired so they gladly sat down to eat their popcorn and cotton candy. They were given candy there along with a rice krispy treat which made Robby a happy trick or treater! From there, we hit a few more houses and then headed to the car.
  • At Nonna's house, we rang the doorbells of 3 of her neighbors and then finished off Nonna's candy. Next we drove to Krispy Kreme so the kids could get a free doughnut. We ate those doughnuts at Grannymom's house and we even let the kids dump their candy and sort it all out.
  • It was a successful Halloween-now to get to work on eating some of the kids chocolate candy!

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