October 17, 2016

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  • Keaton had school this morning so that was our reason to get up and get moving this Monday morning. I do wish that we were morning people but we are not and I am learning to embrace that!
  • Keaton was soon off to school and the rest of us started on our school. The kids haven't been getting their school work done too swiftly. It is usually really frustrating to me but today it wasn't at all. I knew Robby would be home this afternoon so that always lights a little fire under them. 
  • At 11, I did stop everyone and we started on our together work. I moved us along pretty quickly and had lunch ready when Keaton and Robby came in. We all ate and then the kids started on their chores.
  • When we had finished, it was time to load up for Whitman's doctor's appointment. And not only that, we were also getting flu shots! I made a mistake telling the kids about the shots last night so I have answered a zillion and one questions about the upcoming shots and ended at least that many debates about when, where and how much they hurt. 
  • First was Whitman's check up-his ears were not infected but one did still have fluid behind it. That is expected after an ear infection but since he is still a bit snotty that could lead to a re-infection. Dr. Martin gave us some meds to hopefully clear him up. 
  • Then it was flu shot time-my, oh my. I know you would have loved to have been a fly on the wall but I will try to describe it. The nurse walked in with a jar of lollipops and asked who would like to be first. Whitman immediately started jumping up and down and shouting "me, me, me." Sounded good to me so we put him on the table and held him while discussing lollipop colors. He was beginning to figure things out by the time the nurse gave him his shot but as soon as she was done, I jerked him up and Graham had a lollipop unwrapped and shoved it in his mouth. I thought he would then be fine but nope-my boy wasn't okay until that bandaid was off of him.
  • Graham and Anderson were next and they were a bit nervous but we kept them distracted with lollipop talk. Keaton volunteered and she got hers in her leg. She was about to start boo hooing before the nurse was even near her. The boys were the lollipop fetchers and soon had hers ready to go. Once she had the shot, she was perfectly fine.
  • Reagan was a bit nervous but tried to play it cool. She flinched but later today said that her achy arm hurt worse than the shot. Then it was Campbell's turn. I turned 2 complete circles in the room looking for that girl. I was about to be convinced that she had left the room but nope, she was doing her best to hide beside the exam table. Ha! She did climb on the table and was okay once she had her lollipop. 
  • We then walked around the building to the pharmacy and picked up Whitman's medicine (a nasal spray-just imagine how that went over tonight!) Then it was on to Sonic to celebrate our successful outing (and to celebrate that no nurses were harmed while getting our flu shots)
  • Back at home, Graham worked on his school work some more and Anderson went outside. The rest of the afternoon was spent with people going in and out playing with the neighbors. I did run to Nonna's house to pick up some clothes from my uncle. It took Campbell, Keaton and Graham a good long while to bring them all into the house. 
  • The kids had showers, we had supper, we watched some tv and then it was bedtime for everyone. I am going to try to mark a few things off of my list tonight-we will see how far I get!

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