October 30, 2016

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  • Whitman woke up at Nonna and Pops' house this morning and I am pretty sure that Robby remembered that this morning. He still used the excuse that he was waiting in bed for Whitman to come and get in bed with him. Since he never came, Robby never got out of bed until just about the last minute.
  • We were still able to all get ready and eat breakfast before leaving for church this morning. We picked up Whitman on Nonna and Pops' row and then went to see Grannymom and Grandpa. Then it was on to our classes. The big 3 all can sing in on their own now and are off as soon as we give the go ahead. The others have to wait for us to sign them in.
  • Big church was after Sunday school and I guess that we stayed up a bit too late last night because at one time Campbell was laying on one of Robby's shoulders and Keaton was on the other one also sound asleep.
  • Next we had our lunch at Grannymom's house. The kids played some and when it was time to go, Cash came on home with us. The first thing the kids did was to pour out all of their candy from last night and set up a few stores to make a few trades. Then they played some type of President game-Whitman was the president and the boys were his guards. I am not sure how this game worked but it involved a fort, nerf guns and lots of yelling.
  • We took Cash home and then picked up pizza for supper. Reagan convinced us to stop by Wendys for frosties on the way home. Once at home, we ate and then did a few chores before the kids watched a bit of American Ninja Warrior before bed.

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