October 5, 2016

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  • Some time in the middle of the night, Graham was at our bedside and so was Whitman. All I understood Graham say was the Whitman had woken all of them up. I just pulled Whitman in bed with me and we all went back to sleep. In the morning, Graham elaborated that Whitman had been crying saying that he was scared. 
  • I woke up ready to get my crew to Bible study-I had even taped a list of chores on the closet door so my early risers would accomplish some chores and be ready before grabbing their ipads...but they all slept in this morning. I woke everyone up and they started getting ready and working on their chores.
  • I unloaded the dishes, passed out breakfast and made lunch, Robby folded clothes and the kids emptied trash cans and cleaned potties-it is kind of good to be back in our Wednesday morning routine.
  • The kids showed me where their rooms were at CBS and I found my room. Afterwards, we went to Lilly's park and the kids played and played there. I know it was warm out but the shade was nice and we stayed a long time. 
  • A bit different schedule than last year since we have already seen Beebee this week, after the park we came home. The kids watched tv for a bit and then went outside to play with the neighbors. I did a few things and then cuddled on the couch with Whitman.
  • This should have been my second clue-him cuddling with me and the first one being him waking up in the middle of the night but by supper time, he was feeling warm. I left him at home with Robby while the rest of us went to church. Robby said Whitman cried and fussed pretty much the entire time we were gone.
  • When we did make it home after church, we put him in the shower and that calmed him some. Then Robby put ear drops in his ear which caused him to go nuts, screaming "get it out." After a bit he calmed and then surprisingly, he drank some tylenol for us. After a bit of attention, we finally put him on our bedroom...with a movie going! Hopefully, we can get him to go to sleep soon and that he sleeps all night long (or even most of the night!)

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