October 28, 2016

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  • There is just something special about Fridays. The last 2 or 3 Fridays, Whitman has just been a bear here at home but today he was in a good mood and things went pretty splendidly. Once we were all up, everyone had leftover doughnuts from last night.
  • Then we started on our school work. The kids mostly just had half a day left so most everyone was finished fairly quickly. As they finished up, I went upstairs with Keaton and we worked on her clothes changeover. We did half before lunch and the other half afterwards. Don't worry, I did save her plenty of shorts and t shirts since I am beginning to doubt if winter will ever come this year.
  • We did our science and history together and then everyone helped with the laundry for a few minutes before we headed to Nonna's house. She still had some funeral meat left so we went to eat sandwiches with her. I do believe that my kids might be getting tired of sandwiches but hopefully they can squeeze a few more in.
  • After lunch, we came home and most all of the Dennie kiddos laid down for a few minutes-no, not on their own accord but I figured a bit of downtime would help (and it sure helped me!) I had told Anderson and Graham a time that they could get up but told them that Whitman better not see them leave that room. I am not sure how it happened but it was good 20 minutes before Whitman migrated to the girls' room.
  • Once everyone was back downstairs, they watched some tv while waiting, not so patiently, to put on their Halloween costumes for tonight. We ate at the Penningtons and the highlight for the kids was showing off their Halloween costumes (more on those Monday but they were the cutest things ever.)
  • The adults tried to eat super without the kids noticing but we weren't able to do that. As soon as I set down with my plate, the kids came downstairs. I am not sure how they have always known when we are eating but they do-except when we eat our ice cream at night time! Maybe I should just eat all of my meals after their bedtime!
  • They all ate and we were able to enjoy our meal. This was one of the first times that Whitman was able to play upstairs with the big kids making our evening a little more enjoyable. After quite a bit of playtime, we headed home. Tomorrow is a busy day around here.

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