October 3, 2016

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  • Monday morning and unfortunately, I have just started expecting the worst but I was pleasantly surprised. Even though things didn't go splendidly, it still went pretty well. We woke up Keaton and Whitman and started getting them ready. No one was too happy when I said that breakfast this morning was going to be yogurt and cereal-like I was trying to feed them poison. They survived and everyone did find some type of cereal to eat and everyone but Reagan ate some yogurt.
  • Once the littles were off-Keaton to school and Whitman to Nonna's house-the rest of us started on school. My Anderson is taking forever on school right now but I did just realize that he is doing long division which would slow anyone down. Tomorrow's math is much easier for him (figuring out volume) so I think that he will zoom through it and hopefully, zoom through the rest of his school day. 
  • Graham was also pretty distracted on his work today-he always has a harder time on Mondays but don't we all? We were able to all work together at 11 and accomplish a few days of history and a bit of science. We are still behind on those but I am determined we will catch up...maybe!
  • We had our lunch and then started working on our chores. Today I was a bit hard on the chores-they didn't have too many but I made sure that everyone was done pretty perfectly or they did it again. Even after making people redo chores, when I had Reagan redo the closet upstairs she didn't really do it. I went upstairs to check her work and goodness, who would believe but all of the stuff on the floor in that closet was now shoved under the hanging clothes! That little stinker-and yes, she did it all again!
  • Around 2:30, we loaded up for Nonna's house to pick up Keaton and Whitman. We weren't there too long-just long enough to eat a couple dozen of Nonna's cookies. Then we drove to Beebee's to clean out her candy box. The kids like the sugary candy but Pops had told them that next time, he will need to get chocolate (the nurses like it better) so my people went town emptying so Pops wouldn't have to. (I like the chocolate candy better too.)
  • Back at home, Reagan and Campbell made banana bread with me. Then the boys saw the neighbor's out so they flew outside and stayed until supper time. I had told the boys that they could throw some pop fireworks on the ground so they had to wait on me to come out before they could do that-they were not too patient.
  • Robby and I made supper and everyone seemed to gobble it up. Then the kids had a few minutes to watch a tv show and before they knew it, it was bedtime! It was a pretty good Monday!

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