October 22, 2016

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  • The boys were the first ones awake this morning and since it is Saturday they would normally head to their ipads but today, they had left over school work to do. They worked on that for a little bit and then started coming in to our room.
  • It was probably a pretty good thing that they did because it was time for us to all get up and get moving. We had a pancake breakfast to get to. The fire station down the road was having their annual pancake fundraiser. We have been before even though this wouldn't be our fire station.
  • This morning we were meeting Pops, Nonna, Jason and Hank there. We arrived just before they did and then went in together. By the time the kids had gone through the line, we had pretty much cleaned up their pancakes and had to wait for some more.
  • All of my people love pancakes but they also had bacon and sausage. My Reagan ate at least a pound of bacon-possibly more. After the kids had eaten, Jason took them to see the firetrucks and they all had a blast climbing all over them.
  • When we left, we stopped at the church down the street since they were having a bake sale-we left with some cookies, doughnut holes, chocolate covered peanuts and brownies! Then we headed to a shoe store that was having their grand opening. It was craziness in there but we were able to find Anderson some Sunday shoes and that was the goal but we didn't win the shoes for a year contest that was happening while we were there.
  • We then headed home but our next stop ended up being a garage sale. I found a bike for Campbell and a few Snow Village pieces so we just had ourselves a big morning. Once at home, the kids started playing outside some and I did some work inside.
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to drop off Graham's costume (it's perfect) and to help Robby install some new switches. Soon it was time for Reagan to get ready and I dropped her off at Hobo night.
  • She had a great time at Hobo night. There was a bonfire, hayride, smores, hot dogs (she didn't have one) and soup (she had a few bowls.) Reagan had a great time and ended up going home with Alyssa Kate to spend the night-they made a quick stop here after Hobo night to pick up her clothes.
  • While she was gone, the boys watched some of the ballgame and then we loaded up to go to a 50th wedding anniversary party. There was some food there that everyone enjoyed but by far, Whitman enjoyed the band the most. He danced and danced-it was pretty cute. When others started dancing, he then decided that he didn't want to dance anymore. 
  • On our way home, we picked up some Chinese food and had ourselves a little snack before bedtime. Whitman had fallen asleep on the way home so I do think that the boys were a bit pleased that they were going to be able to whisper tonight in their room since Whitman was already sleeping....the little things!

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