October 7, 2016

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  • This morning as we lay in bed, I told Robby that I had forgot to set my alarm. He laughed and said that I hadn't forgotten to set my alarm-it had rang for 10 minutes and then I finally turned it off. I guess I was catching up on my rest from sleeping with Whitman the last few nights. He did sleep all night long on his pallet in the floor of our room and tonight he is in his own bed.
  • After we had our alarm clock conversation, I heard lots of little feet above my head. It is strange how on school mornings, the girls are never awake early but on a day that we aren't doing much school, everyone is awake early.
  • We had breakfast and then the kids went to work on their few chores and tiny bit of school. Since we were going to the pumpkin patch, I did want the kids to look a bit decent-now many years ago, they would have been dressed in coordinating colors or cute Halloween sweaters but now they kind of refuse to wear cute Halloween sweaters and it was 90 degrees today. I did okay the girls clothes and did make the boys wear solid-ish t-shirts and khaki shorts. Gasp! You would have thought I asked them to wear a coat and tie.
  • We left pretty much on time this morning and our first stop was to pick up Nonna and then we picked up Grannymom. We couldn't seem to get the grandpas to go with us! We headed on to Guy to pick apples at Cadron Crest Orchard. It didn't take too long for us to arrive there. We climbed out of the car and the lady told us all about the different apple types. Everyone grabbed a bag and Campbell picked up a wagon to pull.
  • I had planned on the kids just picking a few apples each and at one time put the limit at 10 each but before I knew it, bags were full to the brim and I was a bit worried that I was going to owe a hundred bucks! The kids had a great time there and I was very pleased that I only owed half of what I thought. If you come to my house anytime soon, expect an apple or possibly a pie.
  • In the car, Grannymom passed out cookies and I drove us back to Conway. I found an Arbys to stop at and we all climbed out. I figured that we would all need a bathroom before our next stop. The crew devoured everything that I bought for lunch and soon we were on our way to the pumpkin patch.
  • Thanks to the GPS I probably didn't go the most direct route and almost turned around to venture down a dirt road. Schaefers and Collins pumpkin patch was our stop and I do believe that it is my favorite pumpkin patch-it is a real patch! 
  • They had tons of playgrounds that the kids played on-slides, see saws and even a hay tunnel. The kids enjoyed the see saws probably the most and we never even made it to really look at the noisy goats. We climbed on the tractor for the hay ride and went right in the middle of the patch to pick our pumpkins. The lady even had to cut Graham's pumpkin off of the vine for him. Six big pumpkins-I feel like the kids just look for the largest pumpkin they can find!
  • We carted the pumpkins back to the car and then they played a bit longer on the playground. After that the kids had seen tiny little pumpkins on sale and I spotted them some money so they could all buy 3 little pumpkins (Whitman kept asking about his but I didn't really feel like we needed 6 large pumpkins and 18 small ones-so we have 6 large ones and 15 small ones-those along with our seven hundred apples. Pumpkin and apple pie will be served at our house!
  • On the way home, we dropped off the grannies and then once at home, it took us forever to line up all of our goodies for one last photo. It was a good day and we ended it with a good evening. We invited ourselves to supper at the Wilson's house.
  • The kids played and the grownups talked and ate. We stayed out pretty late so when we did come home, we just sent everyone right to bed. I know they must be tired because I am exhausted!

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