October 21, 2016-Happy Birthday Pops!

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  • The first day of cool weather and I do believe that all of us could have stayed in bed most of the morning long. When we did all get up, we started on breakfast and then school.
  • Since today is Friday, I could get my without working with each kid individually today (wouldn't hurt if I would have but was okay if I didn't). So when they were working I did a few chores and straightened the house. Most of the time, sweeping the kitchen and mudroom doesn't take too long but after the kids played outside in the sand yesterday, it took me forever to sweep the floor. (And it was no surprise that after they had so much fun playing in the dirt yesterday, they did the same thing today.)
  • We mostly finished school (3 of my people still have more to do tomorrow). My Whitman was fussy most of the morning again (just like last Friday morning). Today though he cried and cried about his ear hurting him. I am sure that it was really hurting because he let me put drops in it and then I held him trying to get him to sleep for half an hour. After that he laid on the couch for a good 30 minutes.
  • Everyone did work on one of our Christmas ornaments. In Boston, we rode the Swan boats and then bought a model of one-that we have to paint and glue before it does become an ornament. That was a great messy project to start before we had company.\
  • As we were making lunch, the Kamps and Stotts howed up. Then the Heltz arrived. The kids played outside some and then they all came in for their reports. Reagan's report was about the White House, Anderson's was about major political parties, Graham spoke about voting in other countries, Campbell talked about the requirements to vote and Keaton spoke about Christians and voting. Whitman had actually memorized most of Keaton's report so as she spoke, I had to have my hand over his mouth. Next time, I will make sure that he has something to speak about.
  • After the reports, Reagan then gave a speech about why her friends should vote for Snickers and then Anderson spoke about why everyone should vote for Kit Kat. Then we had ourselves an election-complete with ballots, a ballot box and "I voted" stickers. The kids went out and played while the mommas spent a good deal of time counting the votes-Kit Kats won (12-6). 
  • Then we all celebrated with a few candy bars and more playtime outside. Our buddies didn't leave until after 4 and the neighbors were out so I let the kids play for a bit more before calling them in. 
  • We only had about 10 minutes to change clothes before heading out to pick up Nonna and Pops. Today is Pops' birthday so we, including Hank and Jason, celebrated with fish in Conway. We brought down the median age of the fish place by a couple of decades when we showed up. We ate until we were stuffed and then headed to Pops' house for some Joe Powell's chocolate cake.
  • Once at home, it was soon bedtime for my crew and I think they were pretty much exhausted! Big day tomorrow-pancake breakfast at the fire station.

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