October 4, 2016-Happy Birthday Jason

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  • Today was a bit like an episode of Animal Planet at our house. Things were going splendidly and Keaton and Whitman had eaten pancakes and were getting their shoes on to head to school. I took Whitman back to the bathroom before school when he told me their was something in his shoe. I took off his shoes and sure enough, there was a giant, now dead, spider in my boy's shoe. He didn't seem to mind to bad but I was left with the heeby jeebys.
  • Animal Planet episode 2: Much later in the day, the kids were playing outside. I was in the shower getting ready to head to Nonna's house when people started coming in asking for my phone and shouting that there were goats in the yard. I thought that was strange but continued to get ready. After a bit, I did go outside thinking that I could take a sweet picture of the kids with the little goats. I was surprised to see that they were not sweet little goats-they were big old ugly boys goats with horns. The kids were pretty excited about the goats but I have had enough of animals for the day!
  • Back to this morning, the kids here did school. Today, I did check Anderson's Bible study and surprisingly he hasn't been doing it but he did try to sneak it into his bag for Bible study in the morning. Ha! That won't fly! He spent a good bit of time this afternoon catching up. Silly kids-whatever are they thinking.
  • Reagan made lunch-grilled cheese-and everyone was very pleased with her cooking. Maybe that will be our new Tuesday lunch and she will be our new Tuesday chef. After lunch, the kids helped me with chores and soon the neighbors were outside so my kids flew outside.
  • They stayed outside until the goat excitement. I tried to herd my kids to the car so we could head to Nonna's house to celebrate Jason's birthday, but getting them away from the goats proved just as hard as herding goats would be.
  • We finally did make it to Nonna's house and had BBQ and the fixings for supper. Then it was time for presents and a game of Life for most of the kids. Once at home tonight, everyone showered and then it was bedtime. Bible study tomorrow and I'm pretty excited about it!

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