October 24, 2016

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  • This morning it was pretty cool in the house and not many folks were stirring.  I had to wake up Keaton and Whitman. He was pretty excited to be going to Nonna's house by himself. Keaton is always ready to go to school but Robby said that this morning she was pretty panicked that she forgot her show and tell for the letter A. We bring it on Thursday so she has a few more days.
  • This morning everyone had muffins and fruit for breakfast. Since we are really going through my apple muffins, I made some more this afternoon. I had Anderson help me and he was so uncomfortable in the kitchen. When I asked him to put the flour in the measuring cup, he acted like it was poisonous and shivered each time it got on his hands. He did stick with me to the end and we ended up with 2 dozen big muffin and a dozen little ones to add to the freezer (all o which, Anderson will not eat since they have apples in them.)
  • After Keaton, Whitman and Robby left this morning the rest of us started on school. My boys, gracious me. I am not sure what they do all morning long but it sure isn't school. They do more school after lunch than in the morning time. Mondays are always busy since I try to accomplish the most work with all of the kids. 
  • At 11, we worked together and as soon as we finished I started on lunch-leftovers. Then I explained that it was chore time and gracious me, Reagan and Anderson had completely emptied out their desks to clean it out. This seemed to take forever and slightly drove me crazy.
  • I did run upstairs during all of this and start working on Whitman's clothes. I was able to switch all of his clothes over to winter clothes this afternoon (yes, I know that it is going to be 80 this next week.) 
  • Around 3 or 4 the kids headed outside and they played with the neighbors for the rest of the afternoon. The boys even went with the neighbor's dad to go and pick up some wood. They helped unload it and everyone was out until it was dark, dark. 
  • When they finally came in, we showered everyone and then had supper-leftovers. We had plenty in the fridge so I still have some leftover choices for tomorrow (rice, mexican lasagna and taco soup) but the fish, hush puppies, grilled cheese, and chinese were all cleaned out today.
  • We did our Bible story tonight and then I spent some time working on a huge know in Reagan's hair. I am not sure what she does but gracious me, it was a crazy big know. I finally got it out and didn't have to cut it as Robby and Reagan had suggested!

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