October 13, 2016

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  • Keaton was one of the last ones up this morning but she was ready to get to school-picture day, she brought snack and she was able to take something that started with the letter P (a panda was chosen.)
  • Robby took Whitman and Keaton to school while the rest of us started on our school work. The boys were even able to write down their speeches for next week (4 done and 1 left to do-though I probably should write Whitman one since he has memorized more of Keaton's than she has.) 
  • We haven't done science and history in a long while and will probably be working on these same books next year. The goal of this week is to just survive and accomplish a few things off of this week's list. 
  • At lunch time, I went to find Whitman. He was standing on the steps saying "I messed up." He had been drawing and the only thing I could decipher from what he could tell me was that he messed up on what he was drawing. It was pretty pitiful-he even had tears.  That is how the poor boys afternoon started-so after his lunch, he was allowed to watch one movie and then was sent to bed. He never slept but did stay upstairs for about an hour and came down much happier.
  • Reagan and I were pretty busy this afternoon-she helped me change over everyone's shoes to their winter shoes. Then she made baked apples. Her reading pages occasionally have recipes so she had saved this one from last year and I saw it today. That same one has a recipe for applesauce-we may try it soon. Then we gathered Campbell and started to work on a few bins of winter clothes.
  • The others spent most of the afternoon with the neighbors-at their house and inside. I did look out once and saw Keaton chasing after her brothers on her training wheel-less bike. We just took her training wheels off on Monday after seeing that she could ride without them. I had tried to keep her off the road for a bit so she could have some more practice but I guess that she didn't need any more practice.
  • Robby made a quick supper and then we all loaded up to head to Grannymom's house. Robby had some work to do on their phones and then we took everyone to the grocery store to do some shopping. "Some" might be an understatement since we never seem to just get a few things. Reagan was happy to help us throw things in the buggy tonight since we were mostly doing shopping for her birthday party.
  • Once at home, the kids had showers while we through the groceries into the house. Whitman never woke up and was put right to bed. The others had a bit of a snack since the store behavior was excellent and then it was bedtime.

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