October 26, 2016

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  • Since I have been guzzling water the last few weeks, I don't go a night without having to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, my middle of the night bathroom runs are usually about 15 minutes before we have to wake up (I know, I should go ahead a get up but that's not how I roll.)
  • This morning, as I crawled back into bed at 6:45 I was a bit relieved that we were going to be able to sleep in just a little bit this morning. Seconds after I thought this, we could hear someone trying to open our door and in ran Whitman. He did climb in bed with me and start snuggling so that was nice except above our heads, we could hear 5 other sets of feet waking up and getting out of their beds. 
  • Whitman eventually fell back asleep and slept until the others were already started on their school work. We didn't finish all of school today because I wanted everyone to have a chance to work on their chores. 
  • Then it was time to get ready. Today was Beebee's funeral and getting dressed was quite the ordeal. My big boys were dressed and ready without a single fuss. Whitman had a fit because he wanted blue shoes-we have no blue shoes. Campbell said that her dress was itchy and I said that was fine. Keaton didn't like the dress that Reagan had picked out for her and had a fit when I said she couldn't wear the dress she had put on instead. Reagan felt her dress was too short (which I am thankful for her modesty) but she didn't want to wear leggings with it and tried to sneak by with legging shorts. Once they were all clothed, we started on hair. I had to do Reagan's hair twice because I didn't get it high enough. Finally, Campbell was disappointed that I wouldn't let her wear her hair in dog ears. After all of this, I could have laid down and taken a nap!
  • Before the funeral, there was the visitation so we had about an hour before the service started. Whitman was in quite a mood but did cheer up when he saw people that he knew. The kids all did fine and when the service started, my big 5 squeezed in the front row of the family section with Nonna, Pops, Jason and Hank. Robby and I took a back row seat in that section with Whitman.
  • He was surprisingly perfect during the service. I told Robby that maybe we should start taking him to big church some. It probably did help that Robby had a pocketful of M&Ms that he kept handing to him. When the service was over, Whitman and I were a sticky mess.
  • Again due to all of my water drinking, I knew that I needed to go to the bathroom before we went to the cemetery. I needed to take a kid with me because I didn't want everyone to have to wait on me-waiting on one of the kids would be better. I couldn't convince Keaton and Campbell to go so I took Whitman instead. That boy just stood over the potty for the longest time and I was the one who really had to go! We both finally did our business and ran out to follow the hearse!
  • On the way to the cemetery, the kids noticed some construction workers taking off their hats as we passed. So my car had a good long conversation about showing respect. Sometimes it makes me worry if we are going to remember to teach the kids everything that they need to know-stand up when a woman enters the room, take your hat off at church, give someone else your seat and the list goes on.
  • After the cemetery, we went back to Pops' house after stopping by Sonic. We had sandwiches and all of the trimmings. The kids ate some, played some inside and even went outside. Eventually, we had to head to church so off we went. 
  • Church seemed a bit shorter tonight but when we went to pick up Reagan, who is usually the first one out, she wasn't there. I had already picked up everyone else and we waited and waited for the girl. I was beginning to get worried about her but eventually she showed up and had just finished her class.
  • Once we made it home, the kids showered and then had a snack before bedtime. Tomorrow will be another busy day and hopefully I can sleep through all of the night...or wake up at 3 to go potty since knowing that I have many more hours of sleep would make me happy.

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