October 12, 2016

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  • It never fails that on the mornings we have to get up, no one is awake early. It is just a bit odd-like a conspiracy. Robby woke everyone up while I finished getting ready. We all were dressed quickly and soon eating breakfast. 
  • The kids were happy to climb in the car since we are listening to Mr. Popper's Penguins on tape. I was pretty excited about listening to this one but the kids were quick to remind me that we had already heard it before. I didn't believe them at first but am not starting to remember some of it.
  • When we walk into CBS, my big 3 hurry off to their classes. Campbell brought a loaf of banana bread to her teacher today (she was gone last week) I could hear the two teachers going on and on about the bread and how sweet Campbell was. Whitman and Keaton hop right into their rooms. 
  • Afterwards, we headed to the playground and the kids enjoyed playing-the can hardly eat their lunch since they are so anxious to start playing. It is super nice area but today it was just a bit warm and sunny. 
  • When we made it home from the park, Whitman was almost asleep but quickly stirred when it was time to go inside. I was hoping that he would take himself a really good nap but no such luck. Reagan, Anderson and Graham had school work to finish today-lots of math correcting and spelling happened this afternoon. It made for a very short afternoon for me since I was busy helping everyone. We finally accomplished everything right before supper.
  • I heated up some leftovers and then it was time to head to church. I was back on preschool game duty tonight. It was a pretty good job since we just went out to the playground for 2 of the groups.
  • Robby came to help me pick up the kiddos and then we headed home for showers, a little snack and bedtime! When Robby was reviewing what all tomorrow held, he said that Keaton and Whitman both had school and Whitman just grinned! I believe he likes school!

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