October 15, 2016-Happy Birthday (party) Reagan!

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  • Robby and I have figured out the secret to sleeping in...a ceiling fan! Robby and I were up last night around 1 moving furniture and he cleaned the couch cushions. After doing this, he turned the ceiling fan up on high so the cushion would dry. This morning when the kids came into our room at 9, we were pretty shocked that we had slept that late. Anderson was quick to tell us that it was so cold in the living room that they had to go to the bonus room. Since they were up there, we never heard them.
  • If you are in bed at nine, we sometimes bring that person breakfast in bed. This rarely happens but it did today-Graham and Campbell spearheaded the whole idea. I was brought my bowl of raisin bran and Robby a pop tart and we both received a glass a milk. Sweet little people.
  • Keaton had spent the night at Nonna's house and was up early this morning. It didn't take her too long to start texting her brothers and sisters. Nonna brought her home around 10:30 because Keaton didn't want to be left out of the party preparations.
  • Sometimes you realize that everyone around here is getting older-I showed Reagan, Campbell and Graham how to make her ice cream cookies and off they went. It didn't take long for them to finish all of the cookies and Whitman was right beside them asking to help until I let him make one himself. 
  • Robby and I washed all of the sheets-there is a reason we don't do that too often since it is just a really big job. 7 sets of sheets to change makes me tired again just thinking about it. Reagan and I spent a bit of time trying to make brownies bowls-they failed but we did use some of the brownies as one of our ice cream toppings. Then we tried to make cookie bowls and they also failed (sometimes pinterest can be great and others times it is a flop!) but we also used the cookies as one of our ice cream toppings.
  • After we had lunch, Robby and the boys ran to look for some Sunday shoes (no luck) and then on to pick up some ice. While they were gone, I worked on the kitchen and soon everyone was taking showers and it was nearly party time.
  • Nonna, Pops and Jason were the first ones to arrive. Then Grannymom and Grandpa and all of the girls-Kennedy, Cate, Camryn, Alyssa Kate, Grace, Hannah, Kaleigh (who's birthday is today) and along with Campbell, Keaton, Reagan and the boys we had quite a crew. 
  • Reagan had picked the menu-Mrs. LouAnnes green beans, bread, ravioli and tortellini. That was great with me since it was a super easy menu. We ate and then the girls were very quickly ready for present time.
  • Even though the ball game was on, everyone came into the living room and Reagan started opening her presents. She received quite the assortment of goodies-shopkins, 2 shirts, jewelry, scrapbook stuff, 3 different lights-one crazy one that is on now, a lava lamp and a clip light. She also got a water bottle which she was hoping for and her friends must know that she loves candy because she had lots and lots of candy. 
  • After presents, we moved on to the ice cream. We had 4 flavors-vanilla, mint, chocolate and cookies and cream. We also had a few toppings-sprinkles, whip cream, magic shell, chocolate syrup, hot fudge, cookie bits, brownie bits, oreos, peanut butter, chocolate chips, hershey bar, cherries, graham crackers, popcorn, m&ms, nuts, strawberries, marshmallows, pretzels and red hots. There probably was even another one but I can't think of it. It is nearing 1 and my brain is slowing down!
  • We sang to Reagan and to Kaleigh and then everyone filled their bowls. This proved to be quite a mess. Next up was the first game-the lap game (moving around chairs trying to get back to your seat but you could only move if you could answer yes to my question (can you do the splits...) Then I divided the girls into group to make dresses out of toilet paper. Next up was something I had seen in a magazine. They split into teams and made skits up using props I had for them inside of bags. We had a game to pick up as many red hots as possible with chop sticks. Finally, we played the game Reagan had been wanting to play for a few years-the tarp game. Basically it is blindfolded musical chairs except the chairs are pillows and we move them around while the girls walk on a tarp. It is quite entertaining to watch.
  • It was nearing 10 by this time, so we laid out everyone's sleeping bags and blankets. Then we started the movie The Secret Garden. In the middle of it, everyone headed downstairs for popcorn. I had most of the toppings still out so they were able to add some yummy goodness to their popcorn. 
  • I came upstairs just when the movie was ending and it was lights out time. I am now working on the blog while sitting in the bonus room with the girls. I can hear that quite a few of them are asleep but some are not yet. I will stay up here for another good 20 or 30 minutes just to make sure they are all asleep.
  • Robby and I were able to pick up during some of the games so the house is decent-now we just have to wake up at the crack of dawn to make waffles for these girls-waffles and ice cream for breakfast (or maybe just donuts if we don't get our act together!) Hopefully everyone will sleep well tonight (I know I will). I think Reagan has had a pretty good little party!-actually, I believe she might be the only one still up!

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