October 8, 2016

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  • Robby and I knew that today would consist mostly of yard work so we stayed in bed as long as we could. Whitman came in to cuddle for a bit and so did Keaton and Campbell. The big kids never come to our room anymore in the morning time (except to ask us something)-guess they are growing up.
  • Robby went to work on breakfast with Campbell. She wanted cinnamon toast so she made that and he cooked up a few biscuits, sausage and eggs. We just had one can of biscuits so we were only able to each have one sausage, egg and cheese biscuit but they were delicious.
  • After we all ate and cleaned up the kitchen, we all headed outside. Sticking picking up was the only thing on the agenda for most of the morning. The kids helped adequately-but every time we have them do yard work with us, we end the day being very concerned about their work ethics. 
  • When the neighbors came home, the kids were off-I am not even sure they asked us to go down the road or even told us where they were going. They stayed on that side of the street for most of the day and Reagan even helped make cookies at their house. 
  • Robby and I worked and worked and worked in the yard. He was able to mow some but mostly we just picked up sticks-and one fallen tree. He also moved some old stumps down the hill to the woods so the yard is looking much better. We do still need to work on it some more but by 5, it was time to come in, clean up and eat so we could root for the hogs.
  • By shower time, I was beginning to worry about my Keaton. I had convinced myself that she was fine but by after supper, I knew she wasn't. Once during the day she had said that her throat hurt but later she said it didn't. After playing, she sat in the shower for a long time and seemed fine but after supper, she was hot and said her ear hurt. I whipped open Whitman's medicine and gave her a good ole dose. (I have plenty of that to last until Monday for both of them and then will call and get her some-they said to call if anyone else got sick.) She went to bed with quite a bit of fever so I added a dose of tylenol. Right now she is sound asleep in our room.
  • The kids watched some of the football game but they were just as happy downstairs watching an old Duck Dynasty with Reagan who doesn't really care about the game. When the game was over, we hurried the kids to bed and sat down ourselves for a few minutes before we went to bed. 

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