October 6, 2016

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  • Night 2 of Whitman sleeping in our bed. He started out in our floor and did well until some time in the middle of the night. I didn't think to put him in the middle so he was on the edge all night and I was constantly trying to pull him away from the edge. I didn't realize until almost morning that Robby had already left the bed and taken Whitman's spot on the floor and we could have spread out over the whole bed. The little guy slept decent but he would toss and turn and pretty constantly had his hands over his ears.
  • Needless to say, the main goal this morning was securing a doctor's appointment. Before Robby left with Keaton to take her to school, we had an appointment scheduled at 9:30. As soon as Robby pulled in from dropping her off, he loaded everyone up again for the doctor.
  • I had the kids get ready and started them on their school work in that short amount of time. When they left, I jumped in the shower and then went to pick up Nonna. 
  • We had given Nonna a luncheon at the governor's mansion and I was her guest! (a gift for her and a gift for me!) We walked through the front gate and then the front door of the mansion. Then we walked around the public rooms for a bit before going down to the hall for lunch. It was decorated beautifully and Nonna and I found our spot as close to the dessert buffet as possible. Nonna had quiche as her entree and I had corn bisque. The governor and first lady were both there and spoke and a hymn was played on the piano. Then we went to town on the desserts-sweet potato pie for Nonna and apple torte for me and then we both thought we needed just a bit more and had creme brulee. We were stuffed as we walked through the gardens after eating. 
  • Meanwhile back on the home front, Robby had everyone but Keaton at the doctor's office. Whitman did indeed have an ear infection and strep throat! Yikers! Robby picked up his medicine and then picked up Keaton before feeding the crew lunch. He was able to get Whitman's first dose of meds in him including the dreaded ear drops.
  • The afternoon was spent with the kids working on their school work, finishing chores and playing with the neighbors. They were busy all afternoon and I was anything but. I did a few things here and a few things there but nothing really. Whitman watched movie after movie-trying to keep him quarantined, quiet so he can rest and most importantly-happy! It worked and he even took a nap!
  • Showers and supper were after the neighbors went home. Then we watched the movie Holiday Inn which was the same play we saw in NYC. It was interesting and then bedtime for everyone-Whitman is still sleeping in our room but hopefully we all sleep better tonight! 

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