October 23, 2016

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  • This Sunday was a bit different than usual since our church was having their Barnabas project day (big church then service project and then a picnic). Since we were heading out to work right after church, we were a bit more casual than usual. Keaton was upset with me that I would let her wear a dress and I was having a hard time deciding on wearing jeans with holes or my church jeans. 
  • While all of this was happening, Robby baked cinnamon rolls and soon everyone was eating. By the time we loaded up the car with our ice chest, rakes and drill, we barely made it to church on time. Whitman even missed the grandparent run and had to head right to class.
  • After church, Keaton and Whitman stayed at church. When Grannymom was finished with her project, she picked them up and took them to Cash's ballgame and then they spent the afternoon there.
  • The rest of us stopped by Subway to pick up lunch and then we headed to Rockefeller Elementary. The kids helped with the flowerbeds while the men were working on benches and picnic tables. The flower beds were small so after a bit of work the kids were released to the playground. This made them ever so happy and they played pretty much the rest of the afternoon.
  • When we had finished our work, we headed to Sonic and then back to the house for about an hour. Robby and I never really sat down while we were at home for fear that we might just fall asleep. Soon we headed back to church for the picnic.
  • My kids were relieved to see the bouncys there tonight and took off as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. When it was time to eat, Robby told them and then I went back to Campbell and Anderson and told them that they need to eat now before the food was put away because there would be no food at home tonight. Campbell did eat but Anderson didn't....
  • Later at home before showers, Anderson came to me with his big puppy dog eyes saying that he was starving. I reminded him that I had told him to eat earlier tonight and he didn't. He said that his team needed him so he couldn't eat. I looked at him like he was crazy and he said "it would have been uneven teams if I left." Ha! Ha!...Now, don't worry Pops, we did feed the boy. Robby and I had already known this was going to happen so we did throw some leftover Subway sandwiches at him to quench his hunger. Hopefully he will still learn a lesson (even though we kind of caved!)
  • After showers, the kids had time to watch a bit of tv and then it was bedtime for everyone. Tomorrow is a big day-school for Keaton, Nonna's house for Whitman and school for everyone else. 

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