October 9, 2016

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  • A bit after finishing the blog last night, Robby heard a something and muted the tv. He realized it was Keaton and I headed that way. When I heard her, I took off in a run thinking she had gotten sick and was not upset. I was wrong, the poor girl had a scary dream. Robby came walking down the hall just as I was reassuring her that there were no monsters. After me holding her for a while and Robby laying beside her, she finally did calm down. Maybe her fever breaking caused her to have a bad dream but after that she slept all night and woke up our happy little girl again.
  • Even though she was happy, she still had had fever last night so no church for her. Robby offered to stay home with her and Whitman. The rest of us headed to church for Sunday school and then big church. Robby watched church the first hour and then Keaton watched the service the second hour on her ipad. She was pretty excited to see me and Graham on the screen.
  • We all met back at Nonna's house for lunch. As soon as we were finished the kids were anxious to pull out our Life game that we had started the other day. We played that for a good little bit and will probably be able to finish the game tomorrow.  After a bit, it was time for Campbell and me to head to Eden's birthday and the others headed home for a rest.
  • Eden's party was at the Humane Society so that was a different little experience. They colored and made a little doggy treat box. Then the kids went to the cat room to play with cats-I came in that room for a bit and then just had to leave and rub hand sanitizer all over myself. A bit later, the helper lady brought dogs in to see the kids-the dogs and the girls loved this. 
  • After the party, Campbell and I ran to Walmart to pick up a few things and then we headed home. The kids here had a lazy afternoon and Whitman spend most of his time fussing. He later took a nap which is why he is still awake upstairs. The boys just brought him down and Whitman told me that 1. his room is spooky, 2. his room is dark and 3. he wants to sleep in my room. I replied with 1. your brothers are in your room with you, 2. there are 2 nightlights in there and 3. not a chance of sleeping in my room tonight.
  • I made supper and the kids pretty much devoured it. Then we did a little bit of straightening around here before a few minutes of downtime. Afterwards, it was bedtime for all!

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