November 10, 2016

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  • It was kind of chilly in the house this morning and Whitman was warm and snuggly in our bed. I finally did get him dressed and then went to wake up Keaton. I am not too sure why Whitman has been waking up early but I guess he has my Dennie boy gene which causes them to wake up at 7:00 every single morning.
  • Robby was drove the bus to school this morning-Keaton and Whitman always enjoy school. Back at the house the rest of us worked on our school. The kids worked pretty hard this morning. Campbell was the only one have quite a doozy of morning. She wasn't happy about anything and when I told her that she couldn't skip phonics today, the water works began. 
  • Around 10:30, Reagan was almost finished with school when she saw the neighbor girl out. Graham hollered at her that Reagan just needed 10 more minutes. I guess there was a wind storm happening outside when he opened the front door because we had more leaves in our house than we did in the front yard by the time he shut the door. 
  • When I left to get Keaton and Whitman at 11, everyone but Anderson was finished with school and were outside playing. The neighbors were all out since their cousins were over so we went ahead and told Anderson he could play now and do school later. He ran out and I drove off.
  • Keaton is the only one in her class that doesn't stay for lunch box kids and I do think that makes her a bit sour but them staying 3 more hours at school doesn't really help me at all. There are still 4 other kids here so it isn't like I am eating Bonbons on the couch. When I picked up Whitman, Ms. Jennifer said that he laced his pumpkin mostly by himself-she seemed pretty impressed.
  • When we made it home, the kids were still out. I had just decided to let them stay out when the all started pouring in. The neighbors had to go in so I quickly worked on lunch while the worked on their chores. Afterwards, Anderson finished his school work while the others...well, I am not really sure what they did.
  • I was standing between the door and the kids when they saw the neighbors out. I was almost trampled! Everyone but Whitman stayed outside until it was dark. The kids played and played outside. I thought it would have been a bit chilly and I certainly wouldn't have wanted to eat popsicles but they did! 
  • Around 5:30, when it was already dark, they all started pouring in. We did showers and then Robby and Campbell worked on supper-quesadillas. We didn't have too many tortillas so they cooked until they were gone. 
  • After supper was picked up, the kids watched a few movies until bedtime. They were pretty wound up at bedtime-they boys talking about remodeling their room and the girls talking about Keaton's birthday party.

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