November 27, 2016

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  • Robby was up this morning with cinnamon rolls in the oven before he woke the kids up. I guess that they were pretty tired since it was nearly 8 and everyone was still sleeping-not really sure why the kids didn't sleep late on a day that we didn't have to wake up!
  • Church this morning and everyone got off to their classes after seeing the grands. During big church, I was in the nursery and was even able to spy on Whitman for a little bit. He was coming out of the inside playground with his shoes but couldn't find his socks. I guess he had taken them off at the top of the slide and his teacher sent him back inside to find them. I laughed thinking that he would never come out again but soon out he came with his socks in his hands.
  • Lunch was at Grannymom's house to celebrate Dana's birthday a tad bit early. Grannymom had made Mexican and then the kids went outside to play. They played and played-sweaters were taken off, socks were off and even some shoes were off. I guess that the kids didn't notice that it was 40 something degrees outside.
  • Afterwards, we headed home. I had a good nap while some kiddos wrote sentences and others played outside. The neighbors came out to play so the kids were out until dark. Then everyone came in for showers and supper. 
  • Tonight, after supper the kids played on their ipads and watched movies.  Campbell, Keaton and Whitman colored some and currently I am sitting on a blanket with Whitman-he is watching a movie and I am typing!  
  • It was a pretty restful afternoon and evening. Probably will be the last short blog for a while since school is starting back. the holidays are beginning along with basketball and things will probably get pretty crazy around here!

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