November 19, 2016

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  • We tried to sleep as long as we could on this Saturday morning but Graham was up early telling us that Pops was texting him. Soon Anderson was up trying to get me out of bed so he could text Pops back. I had told them that they couldn't text until I was out of bed. Anderson is spending the night with Nonna and Pops tonight and he could not wait to get over there. 
  • Before I did get out of bed, I text Pops myself telling him to come on and bring breakfast. It wasn't too long before we were all eating doughnuts in the kitchen (7:20)-it wasn't that early but almost!
  • When Nonna, Pops and Anderson left this morning the others played outside for a few minutes. Then the did migrate back in the house. Whitman has a cold and did sit in my lap with Keaton for a good while-almost 1-when I did get them up so I could get up and fix lunch.
  • Reagan helped make nachos for her and Campbell and I made sandwiches for everyone else. The rest of the afternoon flew by for Keaton and I because we had to leave in the middle for Harper's birthday party. It was at a cheerleading place and the girls loved running around, climbing and jumping. The played with a parachute, learned a dance and even a little cheer. It was cute watching Keaton play with all of her little friends.
  • Everyone else played outside the entire time that we were gone. It seems a bit cool to me but I don't think they seemed to mind at all. It helped that the neighbors were out as well. Whitman watched a few movies but eventually ended up outside too. 
  • When we came home, everyone went in for showers and then we made a pizza before watching the Hogs play. During the game, I was able to catch up on a little blogging (prepping for my Christmas ornament countdown) and even putting tonight's blog up pretty early!

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