November 28, 2016

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  • I tried my best to wake up at a decent time this morning but oh the wonderful rain. We did get up in time to get Keaton to school, Whitman to Nonna's house and Robby to work at a decent time. The rest of us started on school work.
  • Since Graham was one of the first ones awake, he started on his school work for a few minutes and had accomplished 3 of his pages before the rest of us were even awake. This did give him a head start and he was indeed one of the first ones finished with school.
  • This being a rainy Monday after a break went a bit better than I could have ever expected. It wasn't a completely smooth day but we managed. Reagan and Anderson were the last ones finished with school but that was soon after chores were finished.
  • The kids were ready to go outside after lunch and asked me and asked me a zillion times. I told them that it had to stop raining first and soon it did. They jumped outside as soon as they were given the chance. 
  • Minutes later, Nonna, Pops, Whitman and Keaton showed up. Pops had bought them Happy Meals for lunch so they were super pleased with this. Keaton had a good day at school and Whitman had been a good boy. The kids played outside for a few minutes and then headed in until the neighbors came out later.
  • I ran to the doctor for a check up (I passed) and then was home in less than an hour. Robby and I changed our supper plans tonight. We decided to go to Bass Pro to see Santa and look around before picking up pizza.
  • We had to drop of birthday party invitations at Nonna's house so I asked if they wanted to go and they were soon in the car with us. Bass Pro is just a pretty impressive place. There was no line for Santa and he was happy to see us-even took his picture with Nonna and Pops. Everyone was crowded around Santa all talking at once. They were all so excited-who isn't though when you see Santa? When we walked off from Santa, he did call out "bye Reagan!"
  • There was a craft to make there and lots of toys to explore. Whitman could have laid in the ball pit for hours but Robby soon took him to look at the fish. The kids all enjoyed climbing over and on every thing they could in the store. 
  • After we had exhausted all of the toys, we went to pick up our pizza. We dropped off Nonna and Pops and then went home to eat our pizza. The kids had their showers and had a bit of time to watch tv before going to bed. 

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