November 1, 2016

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  • Everyone was still snoozing off their candy overload this morning. I had to wake them all up starting with Keaton and then Whitman. I finally got them both downstairs and Robby walked into our bedroom and commented that they really looked tired. I guess that they did look tired since they were both laying by the window almost back asleep.
  • They must be getting to school later and later each morning because it was well after 8 before I ended up fixing the others breakfast. I can't really think about their breakfast until Keaton and Whitman are out the door. We did eat our breakfast finally and then started on school.
  • Today Graham was the one who was fooling around during his school work. Campbell did get her school work finished much quicker today and this did make me happy. Before lunch, I had even managed to put up most of the Halloween stuff-time to get down the Christmas stuff. (kidding)
  • We had lunch and are reading Pollyanna. The kids are enjoying the book and I am too-wonder if there is a movie we could watch. Then I worked some more on the boys' clothes and spent some time in the treadmill. Before I knew it, it was time for us to leave to pick up Keaton.
  • She wanted to go skating with us this afternoon so we picked her up from Grannymom's house. The kids did really well skating today-much better than even last time. But seriously, they must be so sore! Keaton would skate a few feet and fall down, skate a few more feet and fall down again. This all was even with using the skate aid but she never stopped and skated almost the entire time.
  • We then all met back at Grannymom's house and Robby had 2 pizzas there for supper. We ate and then I took the boys to their basketball evaluations. Graham's evals were first and then Anderson's. They both did well and I think that they had fun. They were hot and tired when it was all over so showers and water was there main priorities once we made it home.
  • Robby had taken everyone else home where they had showers, a snack and watched a movie while waiting on us to arrive. When we made it back, Whitman was already sound asleep.

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