November 11, 2016

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  • Yesterday, Whitman had climbed in bed with us but today, Anderson came into our room while I was cuddling with Keaton and Campbell and said "Whitman's not in here. He isn't in his bed either." That was a bit concerning to me so I did roll on out of the bed. By the time I had walked down the hall way, I heard his little laugh. He was hiding behind a chair.
  • We did school this morning and everyone did fairly well. Graham has started multiplying hundred numbers in math and goodness gracious, it is a challenge. The whole idea of this overwhelms him. I believe he only got about 2 of them right-we fixed some but I did let him slide today since it was his first time. I did point out a few of his mistakes but decided that we didn't need to frustrate either of us anymore!
  • Whitman was in a good mood on this school day. He did enjoy a little bit of extra attention from Campbell and Keaton. They both spent some time working with him on his school items. When it was nearly 11, we did our work together and that flew by fast enough that we were able to work on our chores before lunch time.
  • Nonna came around 12:30 and I was still working on our lunch. The kids ate and then Nonna and Reagan headed out for an afternoon of shopping. Reagan had a few gift cards that she was looking forward to spending. I think that she even managed to get Pops to take her to go and eat steak (she loves it and we really don't so steak is rare around here.)
  • Everyone else impatiently waited on me to finish picking up after Nonna and Reagan left. As soon as every thing was straight again, we loaded up and headed out. Graham and Anderson were spending the night with Grannymom and Cash and they were both pretty excited about this.
  • We stayed for a minute at Grannymom's house and then it was time for us to run to Sam's to pick up the cupcakes for Keaton's birthday party. Then it was on to Kroger for a shopping marathon. Robby tried to go by himself but I wouldn't let him-I wanted to go to since Kroger is my happy place.
  • We shopping and shopped and came home with enough groceries to fill my pantry and all the freezers. We are at max capacity around here-no more food allowed in this house. It took a good while for us to unload and put away all of the food. The girls had showers while we worked and then Robby cooked supper for the crew. We ate while theirs cooled off. And then when they ate, I worked on party favors for tomorrow.
  • We had some time to watch a bit of tv before bed and then it was bedtime for my 3 littles! Hopefully they will sleep a little later than usual tomorrow.

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