November 17, 2016

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  • It was going to be a busy day so we did manage to get up and get around; or maybe that's because the Grandparent Appreciation program at Whitman and Keaton's preschool was to start promptly at 8:30.  (Some of the kids still beat us out of bed but we were all getting ready by 7:30.  It's the little things in life!)
  • Whitman had a double big day at preschool - he was also having his Thanksgiving Feast. (Keaton had hers Tuesday since they were going to be celebrating Harper's birthday today)  Anyway, Robby dropped the two off and Whitman was so excited to take his cheese cubes.  The grands were arriving as Robby was leaving.
  • Back in home, the rest of the kiddos were getting dressed, eating breakfast and picking up for our Home School Thanksgiving Feast.  I did mange to get my turkey cooked last night (or early this morning.) Since it wasn't quite thawed last night, I think it took a bit longer. By the time it finished cooking and cooling off a bit, I was crawling back in bed around 2:00 this morning.  But I was determined to cook the bird and may never cook another one. (Actually, the kids really liked it so I might cook another one next year.)
  • Our friends started arriving right before 11:00 and carrying in all the goodies they had made.  We had so much food and it was all very yummy. Before we ate, we gathered in the living room and let the kids tell what they brought, how much it cost or cost per serving, how they cooked or prepared it and anything else they found interesting.  And then Reagan closed it with reading some Bible verses of thanksgiving.  And by this time, Robby had retrieved Whitman and Keaton from preschool.
  • We had tons of food including my 16lb turkey, dressing, green bean casserole, corn casserole, sweat potato casserole, rolls, pecan pie, chocolate pie, and cupcakes.  Several of the kids returned for seconds so it must have all been pretty good.  They finished by coloring some turkeys, hanging leaves of Thanksgiving on our Blessings Tree (I just made that up) and even did a few Thanksgiving Mad Libs.  Then everyone, including the adults, wandered outside on a surprisingly warm day.
  • After everyone left, we quickly picked up and then some continued playing outside and some watched tv.  Meanwhile, I was trying to get myself together so I could head out for a little shopping by myself.  Robby manned the kids late in the afternoon and I managed to spend a few gift cards (my current mission to use up all old gift cards) and buy some Christmas gifts.  Then it was Bunko at Ali's house with another huge feast.  I may not have room for Thanksgiving next week.
  • Meanwhile, Robby loaded up the kids and they headed out around 6:00 for dinner Newk's.  They all shared bbq chicken pizza, couple of sandwiches, tomato basil soup, 5 cheese mac-n-cheese and lots and lots of crackers!  They made it back for showers and a couple of television shows before calling it a night.

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