November 21, 2016

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  • I wasn't exactly thrilled about our early morning this morning. Grace and Cannon came over for the day so Robby and the girls went to pick them up before work. Whitman was still snoozing when they left and the big boys decided that they would rather stay home and play their kindles.
  • While they were gone, I ran around this house like a mad woman trying to accomplish as much as possible. I had marked quite a few things off of my list when they had arrived. My big boys immediately took to playing with Cannon and keeping him entertained (like I even debated paying them for working so hard.) Grace and the girls started playing in the girls' room.
  • It seemed really early when they all asked to go outside but I let them and they played outside until almost 10. Then it was back inside and I let them have some candy (Anderson and Campbell made a candy scavenger hunt for them) and watch 2 movies. They didn't even finish them because they saw the neighbors from the window.
  • Everyone went back out again and by this time, I had finished the laundry, straightened all I could and since there was no reason to clean until Wednesday and we weren't doing school today, I wrote the neighbor mom and offered to cook for her kiddos too. So I made 13 sandwiches (1 peanut butter, 10 grilled cheese and 2 extra grilled cheese), cut up 2 apples (I should have cut more but the crowd was becoming impatient) and used an entire bag of chips. A kitchen full of people is just exactly what I love and I so want kids to flock to this house.
  • Afterwards the kids were in and out for the rest of the afternoon. At one point, Campbell was a little lost and needed something to do. She had a painting project to do for Christmas so I got her started on it and before I knew it 5 more girls, Whitman and Cannon were all in the kitchen painting. I know that I just said that I want the kitchen full of people but I don't really want the people to all be painting! Gracious me, that is some work but once they were all done I encouraged them to go on outside so I could quickly (and quietly) clean up.
  • Around 4, we had to pick up outside and head to drop of our extras. We were a few minutes early so I let them play on the playground out back at church. Of course they all love this and acted like they hadn't been outside in ages. After our playtime, we loaded back up and headed home. 
  • We had a few minutes to play before Robby came home. He brought pizza so we all dug in and then the kids cleaned their rooms before everyone had showers. The kids were all pretty tired and vegged out in front of the tv until bedtime. 
  • Robby worked on the oven some and indeed their will be no turkey for Thanksgiving at the Dennie house. The new one is on its way and should arrive Wednesday but I might just pop in to a lucky reader's house to bake a few things before Thanksgiving day!

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