November 24, 2016-Happy Thanksgiving

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  • On this Thanksgiving Day we should not have hit snooze as often as we did this morning. It sure was nice though and after I had made sure that the kids understood that they were not to ask me about breakfast, I think that we could have slept all morning long. (And yes, the first thing I said to my people this morning was "you may get a pop tart."
  • The boys were the only ones up and the girls woke up pretty soon after. When Robby turned on the parade they watched intently. I eventually had to get Whitman because they were afraid that he was going to miss Thomas or some other balloon that he would enjoy seeing. It was fun seeing the parade site, Central Park and even seeing the performance of Holiday Inn just as we saw in New York this year.
  • The house was fairly straight already but Robby did clean the floors in the kitchen. We had just gotten the tables ready and the kids had started working on their fruit turkeys when everyone started arriving. 
  • For the past few years, the kids have made a turkey out of fruit. It is always cute but watching the kids personalities show while decorating is the most interesting thing. Reagan is the boss and tells the girls what to do. Graham was in charge with the boys turkey. Whitman was happy watching and Anderson would do whatever just to finished with this task. Campbell enjoyed munching on the fruit and Keaton just wanted to help anyway Reagan would let her.
  • At noon, we cut the turkey (a little turkey breast which I thought was really pretty good) and heated the rolls (Sister Schuberts). Between Nonna, Dana, Grannymom and Jason we had all of the food that we could imagine and everyone certainly had their fill.
  • It was such a beautiful day out that the kids migrated outside just as soon as they had finished their turkey. Not too long after, the neighbor kids came out and at one count, there were 16 kids in the backyard. They were having a blast-once I looked down as I was loading the dishwasher and saw Whitman standing beside me. He was covered in dirt-hair, shirt, coat, pants, shoes, everywhere-just a sign of a perfect day!
  • Everyone stayed over for supper and we all passed them time until supper by looking at the sale items. The kids weren't too interested in supper tonight but did convince us to let them go down to the neighbors house for a game of monster (or something like that) in their yard. It was dark out and when Campbell went down the road, she had to have Pops escort her and when Keaton went she convinced Jason to walk with her.
  • After they played for a good while, we called them in and they all showered. Just as soon as most everyone was out, the Wilson's wrote so we went over there to help them make their shopping list for tomorrow. We were out way too late but did have a great time and a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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