November 23, 2016

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  • Keaton and Graham both came in our room this morning at different times and all they could ask about was breakfast. When I said that we would eat soon, this didn't seem to please them at all. Nothing I love more than to start my morning off with lots of complaining and grumbling. They both went to bed with a stern warning about not asking me for breakfast in the morning. Graham said "what if it is 10 and we still haven't had breakfast." I replied that I am an adult and I know very well that they need breakfast and I promise that they will get it.
  • We ate our breakfast and then we all did our science and history. I figured up today exactly how many lessons we will need to do to be half way in our books by Christmas today so we will not adopt a Sunday science day to our routine (kidding-kind of). That was all of today's school except for the next few hours home ec that we did-also known as learning to clean the house.
  • The kids helped me clean this morning. I had a long, long list of things to do. First, I sent Reagan upstairs to straighten her room and the boys room. I am not sure exactly what she did but she was upstairs for nearly 30 minutes working. The rest of us were marking things off of the list. Now, my house was cleaned partly by me but partly by my gaggle of children so it looks like it-but that is okay with me.
  • As soon as the kids were released from their chores, they were outside. The neighbors were out a bit today so my crew stayed outside for a good bit. The excitement did begin this afternoon when our new oven was delivered. My Whitman acted like he had known the delivery men for years. I tried not to put him down because I was pretty sure that he would have ended up inside of their truck. 
  • Before I knew it, it was nearly 6 and the kids were still outside playing. We called them in for showers and a quick supper. Then it was on to the Wilsons-we made sausage balls over there (because my new oven is so clean that I never plan on using it) and then we watched Shannon make our rice krispy treats so we could copy what she does since hers seems to be a smidgen better than when we make it.
  • We played over there for a good while and didn't come home until after 10. Robby and I were up til 2 last night so I think that I might just be as tired as the kids are tonight!

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