November 22, 2016

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  • This was our only school day this week and even though my people weren't too excited about it, they did go ahead and get started with out too much prompting. I do think it was because I let them have poptarts instead of my planned cereal and muffins. (We were out of milk.)
  • Days that we have Keaton and Whitman home with us are much crazier and much more entertaining. Keaton is getting into the school routine and empties her school boxes and works on all of her school work-until she gets bored and then puts it all back into her boxes. We are on lesson 25 of her reading book. It is really hard for her right now, so we are going to review the other lessons for a few weeks and maybe something will click with her. She just has about nine months until she will be in kindergarten. 
  • Whitman also enjoys getting his school work but he never really seems to want to do what I have out for him. He goes and gets his own work from the school room closet and usually destroys the entire closet in the process.
  • School took Anderson the longest today as it always does but when he did finish his work he had done it well. I made lunch and the kids and neighbors were already out playing so I let my people eat outside. The kids all played for the rest of the afternoon. They were mostly outside but did come inside during the rain showers that we had.
  • While they were outside, I could only get Whitman to go out with them once. He spend most of the afternoon helping me cook, looking for me in the house or asking me for a drink. The other day, the kids made a bicycle track by raking the leaves out of the way. Since then their track has grown and grown-now it goes by 3 swings. I looked out this afternoon and saw the girls swinging as high as they could while the boys rode their bikes on the track. To dodge the swings, the boys had to time their bike ride just perfectly to not get whacked in the head by the swings.
  • Robby came home and I helped him unload his groceries as the kids straightened their messes from this afternoon and started on their showers. We had sandwiches for supper and then headed off to Nonna and Pops' house. I used their oven while Robby worked on Pops' phone and computer and discussed a trip. 
  • By the time that we made it home, my people should have been tired but my boys are still going strong upstairs!

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